Cinnaminson is applying for a $ 709,000 loan to modernize the park



SINNAMINSON, NJ – Cinnaminson plans to renovate East Riverton Park and the urban settlement is seeking a number of resources to cover the costs.

The Cinnaminson Township Committee unanimously approved the proposed decision to apply for a $ 709,420 green acre loan from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) at a special meeting Monday night.

This is a low-interest loan, officials said, and the state requires that the application be reviewed in a separate meeting.

According to the village manager Eric Schubiger, the village has already applied for a state grant to improve recreation conditions.

“If we get it, it will determine what we need and what we take,” Schubiger said. “We’re trying to get as much funding as possible.”

This is an ambitious project and was outlined in a meeting by Remington & Vernick Senior Technical Officer Joseph Barbadoro.

The 3.5-acre park currently has a baseball field, two basketball courts, a tennis court, and a playground.

The plan calls for a new multipurpose lawn pitch for football and lacrosse, the addition of a picnic area with nine tables and off-street parking that will accommodate 20 parking spaces.

The tennis court and baseball field will be abolished, but Cinnaminson committee member Ryan Horner said the baseball field is not in use, even though youth organizations receive permits to use it when needed.

Horner and Mayor Albert Segrest have expressed concern about the need for more parking.

“Football requires at least one parent to stay for the entire training session for each player,” said committee member Ryan Horner. “People can park in the alley. This is a much better option than what we have now. ”

The introduction of the lawn field is likely to increase activity and necessitate more parking, officials said.

Committee member Paul Konda asked about light sources not included in the current plan. What has been presented is a preliminary site plan and is subject to change.

“It’s not cheap,” Konda said of the light.

“This is why we are looking at multiple sources,” Schubiger said. “Lights are something to consider.”

He said the ability to help groups get extra time in their fields needs to be balanced with what the community wants.

There are no grills in the picnic area, but they can be added too. The officials’ idea was that residents could install their own grills in the area if they wanted.

“The residents love the park and want us to improve it,” Schubiger said. There were many reviews. We tried to reach out to as many people as possible. “


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