Churchill Mortgage Senior Loan Officer on the Skills Required to Be the Best Initiator



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After completing a degree in economics and finance, Brown applied to Transamerica Financial. In short, he was hired and placed in the loan department of the company.

“Back in the 1990s, Transamerica Financial was one of the most prominent financial institutions in the country,” Brown told MPA. “At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I would do for them. I was just happy to be a member of the company. I started with them on June 1, 1994 and have been in the mortgage business ever since. “

Brown believes that no two loans are exactly the same. According to him, they each have their own unique problems and challenges, and his job is to find the right solutions to meet the needs of people. Brown admits problem solving is what he really likes about the mortgage business.

“After so many years, I still like to take loans. I love working with families to help them achieve their financial goals, ”he said. “I have several good realtors with whom I work, and I consider these partners to be my friends, not just business partners. My team is amazing and they work so well to ensure that we offer first class service to all clients and partners. “


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