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US Representative Judy Chu of Pasadena has re-enacted legislation aimed at restoring support for federal student loans for graduate students, her office said this week.

The Law to Protect Our Students by Removing Debt Increasing Graduate Rates, or POST GRAD, “will again grant graduate students the right to receive federal direct subsidized loans,” the Chu office said in a written statement. “This right was terminated by the 2011 Budget Control Act.”

The bill is co-sponsored by a coalition of 20 fellow Democrats, including 10 from California. In the past, it was introduced several times without passing.

Chu said that helping graduate students get higher education makes sense from a variety of perspectives.

“Many of the most responsible and responsible positions in the United States require advanced degrees,” Chu said.

“While we want our best and brightest students to excel in areas such as health care, mental health and school administration, the high cost of graduate school means that these areas are often reserved only for those who can afford expensive tuition or expensive loans. This is unacceptable. According to Chu, smart and capable students from disadvantaged backgrounds deserve to earn degrees in the positions we need without incurring lifelong debt.

“This law ensures that all graduate students, regardless of their or their marital financial status, will be able to access federal direct subsidized loans,” she said.

Such loans do not earn interest while students are still in school, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings, Chu said.

“Federal direct subsidized loans are already being used by countless students, so it makes sense that we provide this assistance to our graduate students,” she said. “At a time when our country is facing an acute shortage of highly qualified personnel, we must do everything we can to reduce the barriers to higher education.”

According to Chu’s office, the American Psychological Association is on the long list of endorsers.

“By reinstating subsidized federal student loans for graduate students, the POST GRAD Act will remove some of the financial burden associated with funding graduate studies, including in psychology,” the APA said in a statement.

“The cost of postgraduate education is often a barrier to skilled professionals pursuing advanced degrees, including in the mental health sector, where a shortage of skilled, culturally competent service providers remains,” said APA CEO Arthur K. Evans.

“The loss of the school interest subsidy has increased these costs, which are disproportionately borne by traditionally underrepresented students. APA would like to thank Representative Chu for passing this important law, which will make postgraduate study more affordable and help provide a more diverse workforce to meet growing needs, ”Evans said.

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