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NEW YORK (AP) – A Manhattan jury on Tuesday found the Chicago banker guilty of felony for allowing Paul Manafort to get $ 16 million in loans before ex-President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager helped him get interviewed for work in Trump. administration.

A jury returned its verdict in federal court, finding Stephen Colk guilty of bribery of financial institutions and conspiracy charges. Kalk’s lawyers argued that their client did not do anything illegal in the weeks following Trump’s victory in the November 2016 presidential election.

But prosecutors said Kalk cleared the way for Manafort to get loans he was not eligible for, in the hopes that Kalk could gain a high position in the Trump administration. Although Kalk was eventually interviewed at Trump Tower, he was not recruited.

The verdict was set for January 10 for Kolk, a former executive director of the Federal Savings Bank.

During his trial, Anthony Scaramucci testified that he would never have allowed Calc to be interviewed for an administrative position if he knew Calc was helping Manafort get millions of dollars in loans for his real estate businesses.

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Scaramucci testified that Manafort, who had been Trump’s campaign manager for a key period from June to early August 2016, reached out to him in mid-to-late December 2016 to encourage him to consider Colca for an important position.

At the time, Scaramucci was part of the Trump transitional team.

Although Kalk had hoped to become minister of the army, he eventually interviewed for other positions when it became clear that he could not get the position, as evidenced by the testimony.

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