Chelsea’s Levi Colville signs new contract to join Huddersfield on loan – report



With our senior players making a big impact on Euros, Chelsea are driving a new generation of talent at the club who may soon show themselves internationally and internationally. A player who has already shown signs of success in this regard is young defender Levi Colville, who played a key role in our U23 squad’s efforts in Premier League 2.

Colville impressed the audience with his play at the Blues’ center-back, being able to provide not only solid defensive skills but also a good pass from behind. Even better, the 18-year-old is a versatile defender who can play as both a wing-back and a wing-back and make the most of his favorite left foot.

According to the Italian journalist, his contribution to placing Chelsea second in Premier League 2 was duly rewarded by the club’s management. Fabrizio Romano… Not only will Colville have a new four-year contract, but he will also have his first professional experience when he is loaned to Championship Huddersfield.

Fabrizio’s wording gives the impression that Colville will be joining Huddersfield on a full-season arrangement, which is often a sign of confidence that there won’t be any reason for mid-season adjustments or recalls, although the latter is a good option if all goes well. south. Either way, it’s nice to see the team investing in young talent like Colville, who could possibly save us a lot of money by following the path of other Academy players who recently won the Champions League in the near future.


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