Chelsea and Flamengo finally agree on Kenedy’s loan



Flamengo have struggled to convince Chelsea to agree to a (loan) deal for Kenedy, and their efforts seem to be finally crowned with success. According to a Brazilian newspaper About DiaThe Blues have given Flamengo the green light for the return of the former Fluminense striker to Brazil.

Flamengo chase dates back at least to Maywhen they opened their training grounds for the 25-year-old to use him to keep fit while on vacation – and at the same time to convince him that returning to his home country would not be a step back in his career. But Chelsea was more than happy to sit back and wait without worrying about quick decisions

But now the path is clear. Kenedy is going to get an annual loan with a buy option of € 10 million and Flamengo pay 100% of his salary. The deal is expected to close this weekend.

If Kenedy can repeat or improve on his best career form from last season in Granada’s La Liga, where he scored 8 goals in 44 games, he could convince Flamengo to seize the opportunity.


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