Chelle Coin aims to shake the cryptocurrency and real estate industry with a new AQRE Home project



ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, July 27, 2021 / – The Chelle Coin (CHL) team combines their deep cryptocurrency connections with 30 years of combined real estate experience to launch AQRE Home: a new real estate platform that allows users to buy, sell and rent properties with USD, Chelle Coin or any major cryptocurrency of your choice. On July 23, 2021, to everyone’s delight, the official launch of the new platform took place.

“Our mission is to build a large real estate ecosystem with AQRE, and Chelle Coin will always be at the center of that,” said Ronis Harrison, CEO and Founder. “We like to say that AQRE is ‘powered by Chelle Coin’ and we are really serious about that. Real estate is a huge and lucrative industry, but cryptocurrencies like Chelle Coin can be fuel to make it even more profitable, affordable and secure. “

Chelle Coin is a cryptocurrency token and the best way to access the AQRE real estate ecosystem, consisting of the AQRE app and now the AQRE Home.

– As a fixed token, Chelle Coin cannot be minted, diluted or depreciated. Holders will never see their pie shrink in size.
-Transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which means they cannot be altered or hacked.
– With the AQRE Chelle Coin app, it is possible to invest in non-fungible real estate tokens (NFT) to generate passive monthly rental income.
-Now with AQRE Home it can be used to pay rent or buy real estate in the USA and Canada.

A poll by in April 2021 showed that 59 million Americans currently own a cryptocurrency, and recent results show that 76% of them are concerned about the security of their digital assets and the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. With this in mind, many holders began looking for ways to convert their cryptocurrency into more stable assets.

With the help of AQRE Home, the Chelle Coin team has created a way to do just that: a platform where cryptocurrency holders can easily buy real estate or pay rent in cryptocurrency to invest in a more stable and profitable future.

To learn more about buying and renting with cryptocurrency, and to see the growing list of AQRE properties, visit www.aqrehome.comor contact us at or 1-844-424-AQRE (2773).

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