Chapter 11 Counselor to the Restructuring Advisory Group restructures a mortgage and saves a private school from liquidation



Restructuring Advisory Group restructures private school mortgages and drafts court-approved Ch-11 reorganization plan that saves business

When the company joined the case, the lawyer told the property owner that the only way out was to sell and close the school. Instead, the Restructuring Advisory Group stopped the sale and rescued the Property. “

– Craig Brown

LAGUNA BEACH, CA, USA, July 28, 2021 / – Restructuring Advisory Group Chapter 11 Consultant and Expert in CMBS Loan Restructuring, Chapter 11 Reorganizations, Subsection V Chapter 11 Reorganizations, Chapter 11 FinanceDebtor Financing, Commercial Mortgage Amendments, and Chapter 11 Funding of the Reorganization Plans announced today that it had negotiated a mortgage restructuring for a Georgia preschool, with the result that the Reorganization Plan was approved and the Business was retained.

The firm was hired to analyze the financial viability of a preschool affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and to structure financial projections for reorganization plans and loan modifications to determine the feasibility of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. … In addition, the Company was engaged to analyze and formulate financial projections that were included in the reorganization plan and the disclosure statement also drawn up by the Restructuring Advisory Group.

The Restructuring Advisory Group was additionally recruited by the Principal as a Chapter 11 expert to be the lead strategist in Chapter 11 and to guide day-to-day strategies, liaise with the bankruptcy advisor and negotiate settlements with the Bank and the Suppliers constituting secured and unsecured real estate lenders.

The negotiations of the Restructuring Advisory Group led to an agreed restructuring and modification of the mortgage, which then led to the confirmation of the reorganization plan. In addition, the Restructuring Advisory Group successfully negotiated with the bank to waive the enforcement of personal guarantees.

Over a 30-year period, the Restructuring Advisory Group has established a nationwide network of banks and financial institutions with which the Company underwrites Chapter 11 loans for its clients, thereby offering both private financing and market rate financing for companies and commercial property owners who have originated in or are emerging from Chapter 11.

During the same period, the Restructuring Advisory Group negotiated the discount, refinancing, revision and restructuring of nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in loans with major banks and financial institutions across the country.

The company has long-standing decision-making relationships in large financial institutions, and its trademark negotiation strategies are far more efficient, time-saving and cost-effective than fighting banks with and through legions of lawyers.

Craig Brown
Restructuring Advisory Group
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