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Sources say more than 130,000 people have become realtors since the start of the pandemic. However, during this period, the national average home sales price in April hit a record $ 341,600 – the highest level since the National Association of Realtors began tracking numbers in 1999. Moreover, prices for single-family homes have increased by 20% over last year. – the biggest jump since the group started tracking prices in the early 1970s.

Low interest rates appear to be responsible for the sharp rise in sales prices as well as the lack of inventory. However, vacancies in commercial real estate continue to be of concern to owners. Since I specialize in the rental and sale of commercial real estate, I don’t like this dichotomy of values.

However, the local Coldwell Banker office has just escorted a prominent commercial property on Main Street, so things could get better.

Time announced in its announcement that the Stauer Magnificat II watch now retails for $ 99. This versatile wristwatch was previously sold for $ 399. But this is not what caught my attention, it was a photograph of this watch, which shows that it not only stores the time in hours, minutes and seconds plus the day of the month, but also the day of the week. This watch will provide me with valuable information because I often ask Mrs. what day it is, and she gets annoyed thinking that I am losing my balls, asking her to maybe look for a replacement soon. Replacing the watch, not the husband, of course. Hehe. No chance of that.

The Scotsman had just lost his wife and went to the local newspaper to put a note in the obituaries column. “How would you like to read this?” the clerk asked.

“Maria is dead.” – answered the Scotsman.

“But you can add more words for the same price,” the clerk replied.

“Well,” said the Scotsman, “what about” … and a used Ford for sale. “

I have already mentioned the concept of a “screen saver” when working with a computer. Obviously, if you took photos and saved them in a photo preservation file, they can stay there for days, months, or years. However, with certain commands, the photos will start to appear on your previously blank computer screen, and when they are crisp and well-composed, they can be pleasant to re-view, and often unexpected.

Computer paramedics know this, but it can be a great pleasure for computer illiterates to see a flash of, say, 10 to 15 seconds or more on the screen. If an old friend is in the photo, it means that he has risen before your eyes. If it’s a building, like the old Cone & Kimball building, before or after the fire, it’s a sobering reminder. And here is a photo of Judge Curtis Vetter and his wife Ruth walking in front of our office window, then Thomasina, the dog and her menagerie. The next photo may be the basement of the old Crocker Bank showing the excavation of their vault, preparation for one of them at the new US bank.

Keep in mind that the selection and viewing of photos is arbitrary and interspersed with the long-gone workers of our old meat processing plant.

So what, readers might ask? So, people were once alive and well, and for a short time they all became alive again. This is important for me and, perhaps, even for readers who may have witnessed my shots in the screensaver, especially for those viewers who have become a little in their teeth.

Sources say an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 tigers are kept as “pets” – more than there are in the wild, according to Born Free USA. A tiger can be bought for as little as $ 300 or less than a purebred dog.

Now we like big dogs. We started with boxers, then switched to St. Bernards and finally settled on bullmastiffs. They have short hair, they make excellent guard dogs, and their behavior is more predictable than, say, a tiger.

So I think we’ll stay with the bull mastiffs. Our current big guy, All That Jazz, lives indoors, gets lonely if we’re away for a few hours, and has a big brain capable of human behavior and deep conversations. He delights bow lovers.

The day the SF Giants weren’t on their 696 channel, I came across this lovely old Hugh Grant movie called Four Weddings and a Funeral. When Grant first appeared on the silver screen, many thought this handsome man was the answer to the late Cary Grant. However, when he recently appeared (spoiler alert) in an HBO Special as more than just an idol, his image was somewhat tarnished. His agent had to take him away from the role of the ax. Tsk, tsk.

Worth repeating:

Through the pitch darkness of the night, the naval captain saw fire straight ahead, plying to meet his ship, and immediately sent a signal.

Change course 10 degrees east.

The light came on: “Change yours 10 degrees to the west.”

The captain got angry and sent another signal: “I am the captain of the Navy. Change course, sailor.

The signal came: “I’m a 2nd class sailor, sir. Change your course, sir.

The captain flew into a rage and said in response: “This is a battleship.”

The sailor signaled: “And this is a lighthouse, sir!”

Robert Minch is a lifelong resident of Red Bluff, former columnist for the Corning Daily Observer and Meat Industry magazine, and author of The Knocking Pen. plus his new book We Said. You can contact him at


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