Championship loan situation – Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea ‘king of credits’



A group of high quality young people are campaigning on loan at the EFL Championship.

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Lukaku in Chelsea: the most expensive transfers in the Premier League

Chelsea’s reputation as king of lending to youth is definitely true. Championship this term.

It is known that in recent years the Blues have sold dozens of players to the farm, and although it has decreased somewhat, many of their players are still on loan.

Just five Chelsea This season, players receive temporary discounts in the second tier.

Juan Castillo in Birmingham, Nathan Baxter in Hull, Jake Clarke-Salter and Jan Maatsen both in Coventry, and Levi Colville campaigning in Huddersfield

Everyone will hope to follow Trevo Chalobah’s example.

Chelsea’s Levi Colville on loan in Huddersfield Town

The summer of the 22-year-old was a real breakthrough. Premier League debut, ending with a goal at Stamford Bridge, marking a truly unforgettable day.

The aforementioned quintet will strive for a similar outcome later in their career.

These five deals are just a few of the many Premier League players who will be campaigning amid the hustle and bustle of the championship.

Tahit Chong is one of many Premier League players on loan to compete in the Championship.

Tahit Chong of Manchester United at Birmingham and Liverpool player Leighton Clarkson at Blackburn also receive valuable playing time.

Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Brighton and Wolves each has three players with temporary deals, with Norwich and Watford both sent two players to the same arrangement.

Three other top clubs have sent the player to the championship squad, but nine Premier League teams have yet to follow suit.

However, there are still two weeks before the window closes, so we can expect even more top flight clubs to authorize the transition to the EFL for their youth by 31 August.

Number of loaned players sent to the championship by Premier League clubs

5 – Chelsea

3 – Arsenal, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Wolves

2 – Norwich and Watford

1 – Leeds, Leicester and Man City

0 – Aston Villa, Brentford, Burnley, Crystal palace, Everton, Newcastle, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham

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