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Champions School of Real Estate is a seven-campus real estate school in major metropolitan areas in Texas, including Austin, Fort. Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. Its main focus is on high quality real estate education for students looking to work in real estate in the state, with continuing education for the other two.

Explanation of the pros

  • Interactive online coursesA: These courses you can take are not the same old boring videos or instructions. This makes learning more enjoyable and makes it easier to memorize information.
  • Renew your Texas real estate license completely online: This is a convenient option not offered by all schools.
  • Licensing step-by-step videos: The steps to get a real estate license can be confusing and these videos are helpful, detailed and easy to understand.

If you are not computer savvy or are better at classroom learning, choose on-campus courses, not just online learning. It is important to save the information in any way convenient for you.

Explanation of cons

  • Support hours are limited to: Some schools offer 24/7 customer support and live chat options, but Champions customer service hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CET on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays.
  • Limited government coverage: Pre-licensing and exam preparation courses for sellers and brokers are offered only for real estate professionals looking to obtain a Texas real estate license. Continuing education courses are offered to real estate professionals from Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida.
  • The cost is higher: Licensing packages start at $ 980. It is more expensive than many online schools.

Licensing costs vary greatly from state to state. When researching, compare courses only for the state in which you want to work, so the comparison is fair.

Available courses

Champions School of Real Estate offers pre-licensing courses for sellers and brokers, and exam preparation for sellers and brokers in Texas. It also offers continuing education courses for real estate professionals from Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida, the latter two being available online only. You can also take lessons in a home inspector, appraiser, business etiquette and obtaining a loan, in addition to obtaining real estate designations

Seller pre-licensing

Vendor pre-licensing courses take place in virtual classrooms and on school grounds. You can also mix and match with some virtual instructions and some classroom instructions. Textbooks are offered in print or PDF format and are included in pre-licensed course packages. The required courses are known as Real Estate Qualification Courses and include Real Estate Principles 1 & 2, Agency Law, Contracts Law, Real Estate Financing, and Publicated Forms of Contracts. Each course lasts 30 credit hours, totaling 180 required hours.

Broker pre-licensing

Pre-licensed broker courses are offered individually or in packages and, like seller courses, can be taken online or at one of the Texas campuses. Courses include required brokerage education classes and electives, as well as textbooks and an examiner if you opt for a package. The Real Estate Brokerage course is 30 hours long and is required, plus you can choose from electives including Real Estate Mathematics, Real Estate Management, and Real Estate Marketing. The total number of optional hours required depends on your sales history and years of industry experience.

Exam preparation

The exam preparation can be purchased separately or included in a vendor or broker pre-licensing package. This is the last step before taking the seller or broker exam. You can take exam preparation classes online, via virtual correspondence with a PDF or textbook, or in a physical classroom. The stand-alone exam preparation course allows you to retake an unlimited number of times within one year. It includes an overview of mathematics and study materials for the national and state parts of the real estate exam. It is only offered in Texas and includes practice test questions.

Continuing education

You can take one refresher course at a time, or purchase the 18-hour package for Texas real estate professionals. Courses include a mandatory 4-hour legal update session. Refresher courses are essential to maintain a good reputation for your license and its renewal. These courses are offered virtually online, by correspondence, or in classrooms on campus. Please be aware that continuing education courses in Oklahoma and Florida are only offered online.

Course format

All courses for Texas real estate professionals are offered online in a virtual classroom or in a real classroom on one of the school’s Texas campuses. You can also choose a combination of online and in-class courses, which will include attending a class, then studying the material and taking practice tests at home. PDFs or tutorials are included with all course packages. The only class restrictions are continuing education courses in Florida and Oklahoma, which are not offered on campus.

Preparatory courses can be retaken for one year. Online course formats include virtual classrooms with live instructors, interactive courses with video modules, and mobile-friendly exercises. There are also online self-paced courses using PDFs or tutorials for reference.


All instructors at Champions School of Real Estate have at least five years of experience in this field. In addition, each instructor also has adults in the class or at least five years old. Teachers are available during office hours to answer questions by phone or email. Some courses also include a virtual classroom where students can get answers to their questions from teachers.


The Champions Real Estate School has a positive reputation in the communities it serves in Texas. It is not accredited, which means that it does not meet certain established standards, however it has some awards, including several years on the list of best places to work in small companies by local business councils, as well as the 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award: Winner Houston Better Business Bureau awards for training and professional development. It also has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews on the Houston Better Business Burea page.


Champions School of Real Estate does not offer a free trial or money-back guarantee, but allows unlimited re-taking of selected exam preparation courses. Continuing education courses vary and usually start at $ 40 per course, or you can purchase the required 18-hour course package (in Texas) for $ 99-119. They are priced the same for online and classroom formats.

The cost for a separate exam preparation class is $ 120. Pre-licensing vendor packages range from $ 980 to $ 1,624, which are current sales prices. All of these packages include all required course materials and exam preparation courses. Higher levels include additional resources such as business etiquette lessons, success tools, and continuing education courses.

The pre-licensing broker course packages cost $ 725 and $ 1,350 and include all brokerage courses and exam preparation. The $ 1,350 course also includes additional credit hours and elective courses for brokers. All prices remain the same regardless of the format chosen.

Customer service

You can contact Champions School of Real Estate customer support on their website. or call 1-800-969-2599 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, or you can call directly one of their campuses, which also have the same opening hours. All contact information is listed on their website. After you register for the class, the instructor may provide additional contact information, such as your personal email address.

Competition: Champions Real Estate School vs. Kaplan

We compared Champions School of Real Estate to Kaplan because both schools offer courses in real estate in Texas. They both offer online lessons on demand and online classes. However, Champions also offers classroom courses throughout Texas, while Kaplan offers exclusively online content for real estate licensing in all 50 states. Overall, we recommend Kaplan because you can choose from hundreds of course topics, learning is available, and it is a well-known and respected online education provider.

School of Real Estate Champions Kaplan
Pricing US $ 960 pre-licensing fee in Texas $ 389 + Pre-License in Texas
Courses offered Real estate licensing, exam preparation, continuing education and more Real estate licensing, exam preparation, continuing education and more
Number of Courses Offered by State 3 fifty
Course format Cool, live streaming and on demand Live online and on demand

Final verdict

If you are interested in pursuing a career in real estate in Texas, consider enrolling in the Champions School of Real Estate. Seven convenient campus locations and two types online programs, the format is for everyone. You can also get your licensing questions answered on its website, where you can get a step-by-step overview of the Texas licensing process for become a real estate agent… However, it is more expensive than other schools and lacks accreditation, which is a key factor for many.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

Our real estate school survey methodology is based on a quantitative approach. We carefully analyze various aspects of each provider, including their overall reputation, the types of courses offered, the status of the courses offered, and the cost of each course. We also compare instructor qualifications, lesson formats, course package options, and previous ratings and reviews from customers and third parties.


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