CF Wholesale’s octane lending technology gives brokers the complete control they desire



Brokers do everything from maintaining customer relationships to preparing paperwork. And with today’s housing boom, they have to do even more. To maintain their portfolio and provide excellent service at the same time, brokers need a partner who can make their lives easier.

CF Wholesale provides brokers with the resources and technology to grow their business and serve their customers. Brokers choose to partner with CF Wholesale again and again because of its proprietary technology, innovative processes and over-service orientation, which gives brokers the opportunity and freedom to do more, close more loans and ultimately grow their business. …

“For years, we’ve heard brokers say, ‘Just let me do it,’” said Colin Trind, executive vice president of wholesale. “At CF Wholesale, we give them self-service tools. We’ll get it. Sometimes they just do it faster when they do it themselves. “

When a broker becomes a CF Wholesale partner, they gain access to Octane, a proprietary lending technology that cuts processing times and gives them complete control. Its speed, efficiency and precision eliminate friction in the process and ensure that all critical deadlines are met.

“Our brokers can be confident that Octane will work behind the scenes at a revolutionary speed while they spend more time where they need to – with clients and referral partners,” added Triend.

Octane’s high level of automation means brokers have fewer manual tasks to complete, giving them more time to do big business. Technology offers:

  • Instant Change of Circumstances: With a few clicks, a broker can change their client’s details, automatically re-disclose and instantly renew their approval.
  • Final Preliminary Control: Brokers can quickly create their own closing documents, which means they can close their purchase loans on time.
  • In parts: Brokers can send documents as they receive them from clients. Octane also actively accepts partial terms to avoid last minute surprises.
  • Powerful pipeline: Brokers can view all their loan details at a glance.
  • 24/7 Access: Octane can be accessed throughout the weekend, with blocking and disclosure options, and with legal permissions at the point of sale.
  • Real-Time Updates: The technology will send a clear, automated email to the broker with updated information on what is happening at each critical checkpoint. If there is something that needs attention, Octane allows brokers to quickly communicate it to their clients.

In addition to regular maintenance, a new version of Octane is deployed weekly, allowing the CF engineering team to continually improve the system.

“We promise our broker partners sincerely to wish them well,” said Carl Benjamin, senior vice president of wholesale lending. “We’ve taken the time and resources to put in place the right processes, and we take our brokers’ concerns seriously. We understand the pain points of the brokerage community. ”


Colin Triend, Executive Vice President, Wholesale Lending

Colin Triend, co-founder of Cardinal Financial, helped transform the firm into a mortgage company that uses technology to lower costs and deliver great service.


Carl Benjamin, Senior Vice President, Wholesale Lending

Carl Benjamin, with over 20 years of experience, is a Certified Mortgage Banker and protects brokers because he believes they provide excellent service.


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