Casey Askar discusses why you should consider investing in commercial real estate



Investment expert Casey Askar recently discussed why you should consider investing in commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate investors enjoy various tax incentives “

– Casey Askar

NAPLES, Florida, USA, June 14, 2021 / – Commercial real estate can be a ticket to wealth for many investors. Casey Askar – Business Leader with over 20 years of experience in the acquisition and development of real estate. He recently discussed why you should consider investing in commercial real estate.

“Investing in commercial real estate is not suitable for everyone,” said Casey Askar. “This is usually a high-risk investment option, but it is also a high return.”
Askar explained that investing in commercial real estate usually requires a lot of capital, which is one of the reasons why it is inherently risky. However, this risk means that you have a much higher earning potential. For example, you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even millions) in commercial real estate, but that can generate tens of thousands of dollars in income per month. This is in contrast to traditional home rentals, from which you can only profit a few hundred dollars a month.

“Commercial real estate investors enjoy a variety of tax incentives,” said Casey Askar. “This is due to amortization and the ability to avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of property in 1,031 exchanges.”

Askar explained that adding a commercial property to your profile can broaden that profile while offering such tax breaks. He added that the development of commercial real estate also opens up countless investment opportunities. Examples of commercial properties include office buildings, shopping malls, apartment buildings, shopping malls, condominiums, and more. Commercial real estate can take many forms, which means that you can choose the one that best suits your interests.

“Residential real estate can be frustrating for investors who have many other investments or commitments,” said Casey Askar. “Tenants usually leave single-family leases within one year. Most commercial real estate tenants want to sign leases for at least three years. “

Rental turnover can be very heavy and costly. Avoiding frequent turnover through commercial real estate means you can have a more stable cash flow without the constant headache of finding new tenants.

Similarly, Casey Askar explained that commercial tenants such as retail store owners take on most of the service themselves. This is because they want their stores to look great and be successful, so they deliberately take over the maintenance of the property. Often this even leads to improvements made by tenants to the property.

“You’ll quickly realize that investing in commercial real estate can be a lot of work,” Askar said. “However, I noticed that I have a lot more free time with commercial real estate than with residential real estate. This is due to the fact that businesses often work on a nine to five schedule. Most of the necessary repairs or attention can be done in time during these hours. “

Casey Askar graduated stating that commercial real estate is an ideal option for people looking for an investment opportunity that can offer a lot of rewards without many of the headaches associated with traditional residential real estate.

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