Carvana’s success comes from a used car loan



Carvana Co, an online used car dealer known for its vending towers. There is a secret to business success. It is a way to handle mortgages that increase your bottom line.

During the pandemic, the company became a front-runner with huge demand and high prices for used cars. Since the start of Covid-19-related sales in March 2020, its inventories have grown more than 1,000% and are now valued at approximately $ 63 billion, more than the Ford Motor Company figure.

Part of the attraction for investors: Selling a car is only part of Carvana’s making money. In the second quarter, about 36% of the company’s gross profit per vehicle came from the sale of car loans to customers. Retail sales accounted for 39% of gross margin per unit, which is Carvana’s recommended revenue figure. The rest is other types of income, including car maintenance contracts.

Carvana made its first quarterly profit in the last quarter thanks to increased lending.

The company was disappointed last week when North Carolina stopped selling cars in the Raleigh area until January after it determined North Carolina could not transfer ownership to the auto sector and sold the vehicle without government inspection. done. Calvana said he was pleased to find a solution following an investigation by the state auto department.

Carvana’s success comes from a used car loan

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