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Orlando, Florida. An Orlando woman claims the finance company won’t give her her car back because she worked for Uber Eats, and now she says she’s lost everything.

Angelique Moore lost her job and, like so many others, turned to giants like Uber Eats and Instacart to make ends meet.

“With the ongoing pandemic, that’s what people are doing now,” Moore said.

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A few months ago, she bought a used Nissan from OKCarz on West Colonial Drive and funded it through its lender Mid Florida Financing. She did not pay the payment and the car was returned to the property. Moore asked for a new mid-Florida payout plan and thought it was approved.

“They called me back and said I couldn’t get the car because of Uber Eats and Instacart,” Moore said.

She says Mid Florida kept her car because she used it for her job, and the only way to get the car back is to pay a total of over $ 9,000 over 10 days.

Moore said she relied on this machine to make a living. “I have lost my home. I lost everything, you know I still pay for my storage. “

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When Moore went back to paperwork, she found a document that she apparently signed at the time of the sale, which forbade her to use the car for certain jobs.

The clause of the contract states that the vehicle cannot be used for commercial purposes, including Uber and Lyft, and is for personal use only.

“There is nothing fair in this,” said lawyer Ira Reingold.

Reingold is the executive director of the National Consumer Protection Association. He says these contracts hurt consumers, and financing from the same place where the car was sold to you may come with unexpected restrictions.

“I mean if you buy a car, they don’t care how you’re going to use it. But when a car dealer becomes a lender, things get even more complicated, ”said Reingold.

A Mid Florida manager said he could not comment on Moore’s complaint, but said all decisions are made based on the buyer’s income alone.

Moore says the dealer has robbed her of her livelihood. “A lot of people use Uber Eats and Instacart to make a living. So no, it’s not fair. “

Buyers of used cars should obtain an approved loan before buying and avoid dealer financing whenever possible. You could probably get a higher price tag without the fine print costing you the work.


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