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A multi-state operator who operates five dispensaries, the maximum number of dispensaries permitted by law for any operator in Ohio, and one dispensary in Arkansas. Private Company D has a history of dispensary operations and is licensed in other states where it also operates dispensaries. Private Company D’s real estate pledge consists of three dispensaries in Ohio and Arkansas.

Private company E

A single state operator who operates one dispensary and is currently building an indoor cultivator for the wholesale of medical products in Ohio. Private Company E approaches the medical cannabis market from the health and science perspective of its founders and key executives, making it stand out in the industry. The Real Estate Pledge for Private Company E consists of a Growing and Processing Facility and an Ohio Dispensary.

Private company F

A single state operator is currently building a grow / production facility and two outpatient sites in Missouri and leases two additional dispensary sites for just four dispensaries in the state. Private Company F’s management team has extensive experience in retail operations in other states. Private Company F’s real estate mortgage consists of a grow / production facility and two dispensaries in Missouri.

Public Company E

Multi-state operator with operations in four states. Public Company E is a vertically integrated grow and retail company in Florida and Texas with grow in Michigan and retail in Pennsylvania. Public Company E’s operations in Florida consist of two growing and processing sites and 23 dispensaries statewide. The real estate pledge for public company E consists of land in Michigan.

Subsidiary of private company G

Private Company G is a multi-state operator with assets in nine states. Subsidiary of Private Company G operates in New Jersey as an alternative treatment center that allows the use of one grow room and three outpatient sites, all of which are funded by a loan to Subsidiary of Private Company G. Real estate collateral for Subsidiary of Private Company G consists of a grower and dispensary in New Jersey.

Subsidiary of private company H

Private Company H is a multi-state operator with assets in Arkansas, Florida, Maryland and Illinois. A subsidiary of private company H is a one-state operator currently expanding its Illinois cannabis plant, which is licensed to grow cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. A subsidiary of Private Company H also operates two additional dispensaries in the state, one licensed to sell cannabis for medical purposes and the other to sell cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. The real estate pledge for a subsidiary of Private Company H consists of a land plot in Illinois.

Public Company F

Public Company F is an Illinois-based diversified operator with approximately 75 retail outlets in 14 states and has expanded its operations through an aggressive M&A strategy. The real estate mortgage for Public Company F consists of five crop farms in Illinois, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Massachusetts and eight dispensaries in Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Arkansas, Ohio, Nevada, Florida, and Arizona.

Private company I


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