Can you rent a car with a bad credit history?



You are thinking about renting a car, but a few points in your credit score have made you worry that you cannot qualify. This is reasonable because credit rating affects all borrowing. The bottom line is that while you may find a lender willing to work with you, be prepared to spend more than anyone with a star credit.

People choose to lease over buying a car because of lower personal costs (think lower down payments) and more convenient monthly payments. If you are burdened bad creditand still want to rent a car, expecting higher running costs, higher interest payments, and higher monthly payments. Here’s what you should know:

Key findings

  • It is possible to rent a car with a bad credit history, although some dealerships may not approve of you.
  • You may need to make a larger down payment, make larger monthly payments, and get a higher “cash factor” (see below).
  • You can try workarounds such as renting a used car or renting someone else.

Renting a car with a bad credit history

When you rent a car, you rent it for a specific time period with a specific number of miles allocated. Leasing is less popular than buying: about a quarter of new cars were leased in Q4 2020, according to Experian… When you want to rent a car, the dealership will do a credit check to make sure you are credit worthy. Dealerships and lenders offer the best deals to customers with the best credit ratings.

While there is no set credit rating limit for car rentals, “a score between 670 and 739 is typically required,” says Jacob Dayan, CEO and co-founder of the company. Community tax as well as Financial buddy… “A credit rating below 670 can be more difficult to secure rent, however if you do, the down payment and monthly rate will be much higher,” says Dayan.

Things to Consider Before Renting a Car If You Have Bad Credit

When you buy a car, you devalue it: the value of the car drops with age. But when you rent a car, the lender takes care of the depreciation of the car, keeping this in mind in the terms of the lease.

Now let’s get back to the term mentioned above: monetary factor… Unlike the annual interest rate charged when you buy a car, your lease factor, also known as the cash factor or lease rate, is the rate you pay when you rent a car, similar to the interest rate when you buy a car. The terms of your rental are determined using this monetary factor, which is based on your credit rating, the price of the car and the so-called residual value… This is the estimated cost of the car for end lease.

What you need to remember is the price of the car and the monetary factor that are discussed and the residual value is set in advance. Credit rating over 729, average tenant credit rating in Experian reportwill qualify for the lowest monetary factor – the best bet, while scores below 700 will receive the highest monetary factors or least preferred bets.

The best rental deals include low rental prices, high residual values ​​and low cash factor. Without the low money factor, you are likely to pay a lot more than someone with a better credit rating.

What to do to get rental approval if you have bad credit

  • A large down payment when renting can help.
  • An exchange vehicle can offset some of the initial risks, making you a little more attractive to the lender as you add more money to your rental.
  • Better buy a less expensive model than your first choice.
  • A parent or family member with a good credit history can help if they wish sign rent.
  • Companies like LeaseTrader can match you with someone who needs to get out of the lease. Accepting another person’s lease still requires a credit check. However, conditions and monetary factors may be more favorable and a large down payment may not be required.
  • Look for a dealership that rents used cars. Warning: While you can save on down payments, cash factor or monthly payments, be wary of rent-here-pay-here dealerships that target people with bad credit. These deals are usually financed by a dealer rather than an external lender, and come with a large down payment, unfavorable terms and higher monthly or bi-weekly payments. You will also have fewer choices for new models as they are usually smaller and you may be responsible for repairs. Read the contracts in any place with pay here and rent carefully and consider them as a last resort.

What else can you do?

If you have been denied a rental or offered a rental with a large down payment, high cash ratio and monthly payment, consider several alternatives:

  • Buy a less expensive used car with cash, or try to get better financing for your car rather than leasing it.
  • Work with a credit union or dealership that specializes in renting people with a low credit history.

In the meantime, take immediate action to restore your credit rating. “Make timely payments every month on all your bills, and if you can’t afford to pay them in full, pay as much as you can afford,” says Nathan Grant, senior credit industry analyst at Credit Card Insider.

Also, avoid making the most of credit cards and work to reduce your debt-to-loan ratio. A good debt-to-credit ratio is 30% or less. For example, if you have an affordable $ 7,000 loan and are using $ 5,000, your debt-to-loan ratio (71%) is too high and your credit ratings remain low.

The essence

You can rent a car with a bad credit history, but you may have to look for a good deal. You will likely have a larger down payment, larger monthly payments, and may end up with a disadvantageous rental rate if you get approved. If you have a co-signing, take on someone’s rental or rent a used car, you can save money.

If not, wait until your credit gets better to get a better lease deal, or if you can’t wait, try buying an old car rather than renting out a new one.


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