California, New York, Texas property taxes



Short tax Prices and warm weather attract home buyers to Lone Star State.

Land Tejas Executive Vice President Uri Man announced high taxes in states such as California and New York take residents to Texas where accessibility is key. “Morning with Maria“Wednesday.

“If you want to buy a new home today, you want to be where there is an affordable home, there is a lot of job growth, and you want to be in a place with warm weather,” the FOX Business man explained. Maria Bartiromo and added that “Texas ticks all of these categories.”

New WalletHub a report released on Tuesday showed that five Texas cities, including the state capital Austin, were among the top six places to buy a home in the United States in 2021.

The data was taken from 300 cities of different sizes, and 18 key factors were analyzed, from the average increase in house prices to Work height.


In addition to being the second fastest growing country in the country and ranking as the ninth largest economy in the world each year, data shows the city of Austin experienced the largest influx of technical workers in the past year.

Texas also has no state income tax, unlike California and New York.

“Every day when you turn on the TV, you hear about a new company, Amazon, CBRE, Tesla, HP, everyone announces that they are either relocating parts of their companies or opening new offices in Texas, ”said Maine.

Man said the availability of Texas also allows the younger generation to enter real estate market, which further contributes to the growth of the state.

“These people are getting old and becoming homeowners,” Maine said, “and they buy houses, and they want to live in it. markets which are available where there is a lot of job growth. “

The person also believes that a shortage of inventories will lead to further increases in housing prices.



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