Caboose-home visits Candler, North Carolina real estate market





Screen capture from Zillow / MLS

A charming home that was used as a popular short-term rental home in Candler, North Carolina, has hit the real estate market. for 250,000 dollars

Appearance Screenshot from Zillow / MLS

“This cute and lucrative galley is ready for new owners!” says the listing on Zillow. “This active Airbnb is located 20 minutes by car from downtown Asheville. There are many orders here. “

Interior Screenshot from Zillow / MLS

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom home is the size of a one-bedroom apartment at 640 square feet, but it feels larger and more comfortable in terms of interior size.

Bathroom Screenshot from Zillow / MLS

“Everything is in place and ready to go with this sweet piece of history,” the list says. “Well equipped, comfortable and truly cozy, guests will feel nostalgic during their stay. Inside you will find a bed, living room and kitchen. The entrance hall and the fully equipped bathroom have been rebuilt from the side with a smooth transition. “

Interior Screen capture from Zillow / MLS

The outdoor area has a barn, fire pit and hot tub – all perfect for entertaining friends.

Bedroom Screenshot from Zillow / MLS

Turning a train into a home Bob Vila’s website claims this is not unusual and does help the environment by downsizing to reduce its carbon footprint.

Living room area Screen capture from Zillow / MLS

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