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“Shop locals” is a familiar phrase these days, but did you know it can be applied to REALTORS® as well? You might think that one REALTOR® is the same as the next, and this might be the case in a metro area where neighborhoods have four floor plans to choose from. But at Estes Park, working with a local expert can be critical.

In Colorado, real estate professionals are licensed to conduct transactions throughout the state of Colorado, but that does not mean that someone in Grand Junction has the geographic expertise to sell property in Greeley, just as someone in Denver may not. have geographical competence in the Estes Valley.

Estes is a unique region for many reasons. As a shopper, you can find out if some areas are less windy than others, or which areas are less prone to tourist traffic. What about water suppliers? Is the broker aware of the houses on Prospect Mountain that were impacted by the multi-year payments required for the city to take control of the water supply? Are they aware of the new septic inspection requirements introduced in the county? Did they experience the 2013 flood and were they aware of its impact in areas that were not in the flood zone? Many of the members of the Estes Valley Board of REALTORS® have been certified Mountain Specialists ™ and trained in the nuances of mining real estate and the challenges faced by property owners.

For sellers, the local REALTOR® knows this market because they are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They see with their own eyes which houses are being sold and know why they are being sold at one price or another. A broker who does not know first-hand about houses that have been on the market uses only numbers and does not understand how the level of quality or a particular location or type affected the price at which the house was sold. Members of the Estes Valley® Board of REALTORS have the opportunity as part of a group to review weekly new listings and learn about other homes on the market. The local broker is better equipped to price your property for sale at the best possible price, which increases the likelihood that you will receive the maximum return on your property.

Finally, the locals are interested in the community. They want to keep their customers happy, build strong relationships, and earn a reputation for excellent service. They will become the people you live next to, meet in grocery stores or restaurants, and perhaps get to know church attendance. By working with your local REALTOR®, you are investing in the Estes community. Locals spend their money locally, volunteer for local organizations, and raise money to support local charities.

While you can buy or sell real estate with an REALTOR® elsewhere, you are giving up the opportunity to work with someone with the knowledge, experience and personal touch that you will get with a member of the Board of REALTORS Estes Valley.


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