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The Travelers Championship never seemed to want to end on Sunday night as Harris English and Kramer Hickok battled in the eight-hole playoffs at TPC River Highlands. English finally put it off with a 17-foot punch to claim his second win of the season.

It was a really interesting tournament throughout the week as many big names flashed at the top of the leaderboard but ultimately couldn’t hold out. Bubba Watson was the most popular player on the team that actually had a chance to win, but he missed that opportunity when he walked away with six overs in the last five holes. Mark Leishman, Brooks Koepka and Abraham Anser also competed, but in the end it was English and Hickok at age 13 in a week.

They exchanged Parsis, at times abruptly, through the first seven holes of the playoffs, before English removed him when they played hole 18 for the sixth time. The EXCURSION is now heading west from Connecticut to Detroit for the Rocket Mortgage Classic program.

Bryson DeShambeau will return to defend his title after an epic duel he played against Matthew Wolf on the field in 2020. He will be joined by a number of players looking to carry the positive momentum of their week at The Travelers into the next event. Let’s see who stands out for our early purchases at the start of the week.

3 purchases for the Rocket Mortgage Classic

This event last year was when we saw a new Bryson DeShambeau break through to your first victory. He simply overpowered the Detroit golf course and connected it with a hot club to eventually defeat Wolf with three strokes. We’ve seen Bryson put his name on the mix every two weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens at the Rocket Mortgage Classic this week.

Bryson won this tournament last year despite losing out on the pitch when he zoomed in, so when I see him almost completely out on the pitch at The Travelers, this week I’m looking at this big man.

He had one really great round on Friday when he had over three and a half shots on the ball, of which 2.23 were his iron. His iron-and-wedge play often contributes to his success because he almost always gets a few hits from the tee and also plays very consistently on the grass. DeShambeau clearly had a great plan for this course for 2020 and is showing a form that makes him a pretty clear favorite in a rather weak area.

Last week I got excited about the ending Patrick Reed to the US Open, and he did bring that game a week in Connecticut. He just couldn’t get enough hits in The Travelers to fight for the weekend. For the former Masters champion, it’s still a great sign that he was still averaging almost two hits per round from tee to green, taking hits on all three metrics.

Reed has become one of the best short golfers to the point where I honestly expect him to fight every time he shows signs of great ball play while in good shape. He has definitely done this in the last two weeks, which makes me think that we are not far from him to achieve victory in the coming weeks. It is easy for me to buy it at the start of the week given its shape and the fact that it was ranked in the top 5 on this course in 2019. I won’t be looking at his skipped stake at last year’s event as I expect him to fight this week in Detroit. …

It’s been a week of ups and downs for Brandon Todd at The Travelers as he started really well on Thursday and played really well on Saturday. The in-between rounds weren’t enough to get him anything but top 30, but he showed signs that the game was coming together again.

Todd finished the week with hitting hits on the field in all tee-green categories, including approach shots per round. While it doesn’t seem like it will fit any field that Deschambeau has won, we’ve seen both of these types of players find success at the Detroit Golf Club. I will be following Brandon throughout the week as I don’t expect his short play to last long and it’s a great sign to see his ball bounce.

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