Burlington County Launches Mortgage and Community Assistance Program for COVID-19 Affected Households



Burlington County Commissioners announced a new program to help county homeowners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Burlington County CARES program, funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, is designed to provide income-earning residents with documented financial difficulties for up to six months with mortgage and / or community assistance.

“Since the early days of the pandemic, Burlington County has sought funding and programs to help our residents as much as possible,” Commissioner Director Felicia Hopson said in a prepared statement. “We’ve made significant progress since last year, but we know there is still a significant number of homeowners who are not paying mortgages, utilities or rent due to the pandemic and its widespread impact. We are delighted that this new program will help residents stay in their homes. ”

Mortgage assistance has been identified as an urgent need in the community, and the Burlington County program can provide eligible homeowners with up to six months of assistance with outstanding or pending mortgage payments (including property taxes), according to the statement.

Utility support is also available through the new Burlington County CARES program, as is a combination of mortgage and community assistance.

To be eligible, homeowners must reside on the property and meet the household income limits of $ 52,950 per resident, $ 75,600 for a family of four, and $ 99,800 for a family of eight or more.

Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis. Interested homeowners should apply online at www.tfaforms.com/4913684

The new aid is being funded by a $ 1.2 million grant for Burlington County under federal CARES law passed last year.

Cranbury-based Community Grants, Planning & Housing, which specializes in affordable housing and housing improvement programs and grants, is working with the county to process mortgage and community assistance applications.

Rental assistance also remains available to Burlington County tenants through the county’s partnership with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and the Emergency New Jersey Rental Assistance Program.

The program is administered by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and provides tenants with documented loss of income due to the pandemic to tenants with documented loss of income attributable to future rent.

While the program extends to the entire state, Burlington County has allocated $ 13 million of its federal COVID-19 funding to the program, on condition that the money will be reserved exclusively for Burlington County tenants, it said in a statement.

To date, more than 700 Burlington County families have received more than $ 4.8 million in aid.

“Our partnership with New Jersey to provide rental assistance was a great start, but we know there are thousands of families in our county who need help,” Hopson said in a statement. “We urge those who are late in paying rent, mortgage or utilities to apply today. We want everyone in our neighborhood to get to the other side of this pandemic while preserving their homes and family finances. ”

Tenants and homeowners are currently protected from eviction or foreclosure until January 1, 2022, but officials noted that the state’s moratorium does not prevent the accumulation of rent or mortgage arrears.

“We are providing assistance right now so that homeowners and renters can get help paying the rent or mortgages they owe before the moratorium expires,” Hopson said in a statement. “We don’t want to survive a pandemic just to face a major housing crisis, so we need families in need to apply for help right away.”

Burlington County residents with questions about the program or application for mortgage and community assistance can call the program representative at 609-642-9213, ext. 58 or email jbreslin@cgph.net


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