Burlington County businesses and flash flood homeowners can now apply for loans



Burlington County is committed to helping business owners and residents affected by the July 12 flash flood that damaged many buildings, including a local food pantry.

“The ramifications of all of this are that we see a need for our homeowners and our business owners,” says Burlington County Commissioner Felicia Hopson.

Fast moving storms poured several inches of rain over the area in a matter of hours, causing flash floods in Burlington City, Burlington Township and Florence. The interior of Burlington’s food pantry was destroyed.

“The floors were wet … the water that was here was being absorbed by the carpeting or some parts of the floor started to climb up the drywall, and it was just a shock,” says Food Bank President Dan Farnan.

There were no rooms in which the food was stored. The pantry is currently looking into disaster loans. Hopson and State Senator Troy Singleton are ensuring that the country is included in the program through the federal small business administration.

“Some homeowners don’t have flood insurance. Flood insurance, as we know, is very expensive, so many people who may not be in the flood zone have suffered property damage from the flood, ”says Hopson.

There are three types of loans – two for business owners to help renovate or replace property, or to help them financially cut back on money they may have squandered in the storm. The third type of loan is for homeowners to help renovate or replace a property such as a house or car.

Farnan says he hopes the food pantry qualifies for the loan to cover expenses not covered by insurance.

“We have a deductible, but our insurance covered a significant portion of the initial renovation period. And we kind of said that now we have to collect funds, ”he says.


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