Bryson DeShambeau’s Biggest Rocket Mortgage Classic Explosions Win



The 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic is a landmark meeting of generations at the golf club.

The pre-tournament favorite, Bryson DeChambeau, was recently armed with new weapons and lightning-fast swing speed. A golf course designed by Donald Ross, which opened in the 19th century, was supposed to go differently from neither Ross nor his contemporaries.

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Before last year’s kick-off round, DeShambaut made a proactive apology to the course developer, preparing to rip open discs that have soared beyond the constraints and hazards engineered over a century ago.

“I think there are a lot of bunkers that are about 290 (yards) away, so hopefully I can clear them out and take them out of the game,” DeShambaut said. “So, excuse me, Mr. Ross, but you know this is what it is.”

Bryson made 27 birds and an eagle and walked away with his first win since gaining mass. This victory confirmed his radical transformation and set the stage for his first major triumph.

At last year’s Rocket Mortgage Classic, all exhibitors were faced with six discs that were worth half a clock or more of the moves received: done. Dechambo hit half of them. His average travel distance (on the two official measured holes) was over 350 yards, the longest in PGA TOUR history for a tournament winner. Let’s take a look at five of the most valuable jersey kicks DeShambaut did in Michigan that week:

5. Second round, no. 7

Impact distance: 336 yards
Number of Hits: +0.43


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