Bryson DeShambeau and Caddy Tim Tucker split ahead of the first round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic



Bryson DeShambeau and Caddy Tim Tucker, who have been in the spotlight for eight years of DeShambeau’s professional career, are no longer together. No postponement First reported on Thursday. Later Agent Deschambeau confirmed news of split with Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner

DeChambaut, currently ranked 6th in the world, has won three times in the past 12 months. Wins include the Rocket Mortgage Classic a year ago, which is this week’s event, and the US Open in September. Tucker has been in his pocket for all of these victories, as well as the five that preceded them, during DeShambeau’s highly successful young career.

Tucker was even at the Rocket Mortgage Classic this week, kiddies for DeShambo in practice rounds ahead of Thursday’s main event. There are variations on this story now, but according to No Laying UpTucker was not fired by DeShambaugh, but quit himself.

This is a big deal for a number of reasons. First off, DeShambeau has been making tons of money – over $ 10 million in the last two seasons – which means his caddy is making a lot of money. The general rule is 10/7/5 as a percentage of winnings, top ten and winnings. You can count the last 18 months of DeShambo – very good for a caddy.

Of course, there are also downsides to cadding for someone who has so many idiosyncrasies. Long nights on the training field, ridiculous conversations over every shot and all the other things that DeShambaut brings to the table. Looks like Tucker had enough.

It should be noted that Deschambeau told ESPN that it was just a break for him and Tucker, which had happened before. They may reunite in the future, but now DeShambeau is using Cobra Golf employee Ben Shomin as his caddy at this week’s Rocket Mortgage Classic, where he is the reigning champion.

Of course, no DeShambeau story would be complete without weighing Brooks Koepka. He did so on Thursday, announcing the day on Twitter as Caddy Appreciation Day and thanking his own looper, Ricky Elliott, for being “the best caddy in the business.”


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