Bryson DeShambeau and Caddy Tim Tucker split ahead of classic PGA Tour


Bryson DeShambeau and Caddy Tim Tucker parted ways on Wednesday night, hours before the start of their title defense at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Deschambeau’s agent confirmed in an interview with

“They had a good run and mutually agreed to part ways yesterday afternoon,” DeShambeau’s agent, Brett Falkoff, said in a telephone interview Thursday. “Everything goes on as usual. Tim is tired and Bryson is tired. In any relationship, they go their own way, and this is what happened here.

“It was not one specific problem. This was the climax. As with any relationship with a caddy player, they have had their ups and downs. They wish each other only the best and will always be there. “

No messages posted about Laying Up that Deschambeau and Tucker broke up.

Bryson DeShambeau parted ways with Caddy Tim Tucker

Bryson DeShambeau parted ways with Caddy Tim Tucker

This week in the Rocket Mortgage Classic program, DeShambeau will carry Ben Shomin, Cobra Golf’s Travel Operations Manager, in a bag. Tucker obsessed with DeShambaugh during his practice rounds this week at the Detroit Golf Club.

DeShambeau, the world’s sixth number, and Tucker briefly parted ways in 2017, but reunited early the following year. Tucker was on the alert for all eight of DeShambaugh’s PGA Tour victories, including his win in Detroit last summer and the US Open last fall.

At the Masters, DeShambeau was asked how Tucker – who has one of the most unique and challenging golf careers, given his boss’s analytical approach and rigorous training routine – has contributed to his success.

“Tim meant the whole world to me,” DeShambeau said in April. “Tim Tucker was rock solid no matter what, no matter when he worked for me, no matter when he worked for me, and we won’t win when we didn’t do anything special or good. We have always tried to get better.

“There were times when there were some disagreements, but this is any relationship; it is any interaction with another person. Sometimes it just happens. Luckily, he loves me enough and I love him enough to be able to say, “Hey, you know, we’re going to do this together, no matter what, and we’re going to persist, move forward and work as a team to be the best you can. “

DeChambaut was scheduled to start at 1:10 pm ET Thursday before play was suspended due to weather conditions.

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