Brooksville Sells Water Tower By Mistake In Real Estate Deal



BROOKSVILLE, Florida (AP) – A small Florida town accidentally sold its water tower in a failed real estate deal.

Last April, a businessman bought a municipal building under the Brooksville water tower for $ 55,000 to convert it into a gym. However, when Bobby Reid drove into the county to find out the address of his new office, he was told that the lot he bought included the entire water tower, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Luckily for the city, Reed was ready to bring him back. County records show that it moved the water tower back to Brooksville via a warrantee last month. The city of 8,500 inhabitants is located 80 kilometers north of Tampa.

“I don’t know where to blame here,” said Blake Bell, a city councilor. “We are councilors and rely on the city manager. We assume he did his due diligence. “

City manager Mark Cutney blamed the legal description of the incident to be incorrect. The director of a city redevelopment agency resigned after an accidental sale.

“We are human,” said Cutney. “Sometimes we make a mistake.”

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