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Too often, REALTORS® want to know what will attract potential clients, but instead, they should focus more on how they can build stronger relationships through personal contact.

At one time, relationships developed through handwritten notes, phone calls and handshakes. Remember how to check your mail for anything other than kindling? The post was exciting! Especially those $ 20 greeting cards from my grandmother.

Aside from the excitement of receiving mail, there was a continuous ringing of the phone, be it from well-wishers or a proposal for plans. It brings back memories, right? Memories of a time when you received a personal invitation or expression of appreciation, not in the form of a social media post. The connections were between people, without technology as an intermediary.

Over the past few years, I’ve realized that the days of personalized touch are over. All of these touching moments have been replaced by comments, posts and Facebook memes. And, if you’re lucky, text from those closest to you that may or may not be corrected automatically and suggested by Siri.

While technology has improved our lives, it has damaged our ability to form strong personal bonds and build valuable relationships.

This is very important in business, especially in sales. While reverting to past practices is rarely helpful, let’s remember the carefully honed relationships that have been the building blocks of successful family shops and family businesses as a guide.

One way to bring back those personality traits is to remember the birthdays of the prospect. I know this sounds like an impossible task, but we can make it manageable and efficient by following these steps:

– Use Facebook to find birthdays of all those contact areas that are important to you.

– Track names, mailing addresses and birthdays in a spreadsheet or CRM. If you are missing information, do not be afraid to ask.

– For convenience, sort using the birthday field.

– Do your best and write down the names of children, spouses and pets so that when you send notes, the information is easily accessible.

– Buy a stack of greeting cards and keep them in the office. With stamps handy, you can easily mail postcards.

To make this a habit, set aside 30 minutes on the same day every week and save them in your calendar as Birthday Cards. Every time this meeting comes, mark it by sending your greeting cards. This can be anywhere from two to three per week, but it pays dividends if you’re the only one to send a sentimental postcard.

Don’t lose your personal touch. Get in the habit of getting to know people and connecting with them in a way that most of the rest of the world has forgotten.

Lindsey Favazza is Vice President of Marketing at Lamacchia Realty, Crush It in Real Estate and REAL Training and Systems. For more information visit


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