Breaking News: NJM Insurance Group’s mute vocalist Korn Moe creates jingle for Matt O’Donnell



PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Viewers of 6abc Action News Bright News know that Matt O’Donnell is a Corn Mo fan.

Big fan.

For those who do not understand the ways of Maize Mo, we will enlighten you.

His real name is Jonathan Cunningham. The Texas native plays several instruments including the accordion and recordings under the moniker Corn Mo.

He and his band performed with Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants and Andrew WK.

IN 2014, Korn Mo performed at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But he recently appeared on 6abc Action News ‘Bright News,’ which airs on weekdays at 7:30 am.

This is because Corn Mo is part of the latest ad for the NJM Insurance Group. As a sponsor of Brighter News, NJM advertisements air during news breaks.

The video is for NJM’s No Ringing and No Talismans campaign, which was produced with the help of the Brownstein Group in Philadelphia. In the ad, the agency tells NJM staff about promotional ideas, including a mascot and this melody sung by Korn Mo:

If you are a wing bender /
You need to remember three letters /

And this quiet jingle stuck in Matt O’Donnell’s head.

He set out to find out who this key player was.

Indeed, he discovered Korn Mo and even followed him on Instagram.

Since then, Matt has tried to mention Korn Moe in the “Brighter News” whenever possible, calling him “a very memorable and” updated version of Meatloaf “.

Co-host Tamala Edwards believed that thanks to Matt’s drumming skills and Korn Mo’s musical talents, they could form a dynamic duo if they ever met.

Could this have happened?

Well, NJM and the Brownstein Group heard and hooked up, and Korn Mo appeared on “Brighter News” on Thursday.

Although Korn Mo was unable to come to the studio this time, the singer did not come empty-handed, surprising Matt with his own melody for the same NJM melody.

“Hi Matt, I heard you are a fan of my work. Even though NJM didn’t want the jingle, I thought you might like it, ”said Korn Mo.

And here are the words from Corn Mo’s Matt O’Donnell Jingle for you to sing along:

When do you want to start your day /
The Action News Morning way /
He is a drummer and a dad /
And his golf hit isn’t too bad /
His costumes are made in France /
But are we sure he’s in pants?

Matt. O. Donnell /
Matt. O. Donnellllll (hold for five seconds) /
Matt. O. Donnell.

“I think you’re the only Action News presenter with your own melody,” Tam said.

“It was the best,” Matt said.

Matt’s next goal is to get Korn Mo to perform at the 6abc Thanksgiving parade this year!

“I feel like I made a new friend and never met him in person,” Matt said.

And if you need more Corn Mo in your life, NJM has other commercials with him and his keytar.

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