Brandon Williams joins Norwich City on seasonal loan



Manchester United quarterback and academy alumnus Brandon Williams is loaned to Premier League club Norwich City. Before the deal was reached, there was a period of negotiations, but now the move is official for the promising defender.

Williams had a promising start to his career at United in the 2019/20 season after replacing injured Luke Shaw. His tenacity in tackling the ball and his ability to move forward was evident from the very beginning, even in somewhat awkward circumstances, when he switched to left back after spending most of his school on the right flank. However, Shaw’s return from injury and his climb to top form of his career put Williams back on the bench. The opportunity to gain meaningful experience in the Premier League will benefit him as he continues to develop.

Norwich City is in desperate need of good defenders. Tough Opening Schedule Against Liverpool and Manchester their first two weeks of play had a tricky party for the team that kicked out in the 2019/20 season and one that exposed some holes in their backline. Williams should be able to impress often.


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