Bowdoin breaks new ground at Boston Trinity Academy Sports Center



Boston – Construction is underway on the new Bradley Sports Center at Boston Trinity Academy in Boston.

Upon completion, the new 8,800 SF building will include 4,200 SF basketball courts, as well as stands, court seating, changing rooms, a prep kitchen and office space.

Additional exterior work includes the installation of new sewers, curb islands, site lighting and parking paving, as well as new sidewalks, fences and other landscaping improvements.

A groundbreaking ceremony was recently held, attended by school administrators, board members and local officials.

At the event, Frank Guerra, director of the Boston Trinity Academy, said: “We are delighted that the Bradley Athletic Center will become for us not only the venue for the games, where students will applaud and stamp their feet for our teams, but also because he gives we are a place for our true community to come together. “

The Bowdoin Construction Construction Manager works with Jones Architecture to bring this vision to life.

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