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REW Positions Canadian Firm To Lead Package With New Real Estate Website

Liv Real Estate, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, co-founded Sheldon Johnston and Sarah McLennan in 2012, but its roots go even deeper.

Johnston’s parents founded KW Johnston Real Estate in 1975, and over the next decade, the small family-owned firm grew to become one of the largest independent real estate brokerages in the area.

Sheldon began running the company in the early 90s, and McLennan took over the online marketing brokerage in 2005. Seven years later, she and Johnston successfully transformed the firm by creating a new brand identity by introducing Liv Real Estate.

“Sheldon was very picky about who we were going to hire – not only because we needed people who were going to be successful, but because we wanted to enjoy working together and have a collaborative environment.” says McLennan, who also serves as the firm’s director of marketing.

As part of the duo’s business philosophy, they strive to hire someone who cares about customers as well as their parents.

“We have a long hiring process, it takes about four interviews, but our turnover is extremely low,” says Johnston. “We have agents who have been with us since we started hiring in 2008 and this is a big part of our success.”

Johnston and McLennan also point to the success of their agents as a key piece of the puzzle, so the firm provides them with the tools and resources to position them as leaders in this area.

Topping the list is the leading provider of webmaster technology for real estate. In fact, McLennan had been proposing to transform the firm’s website back when she first joined the company, aiming to customize it to be best for everyone, and so they moved on to real estate webmasters.

“I’ve always thought more as an agent, and Sarah thought more about what the consumer wants,” says Johnston. “Because of this, we have a lot of traffic.”

The biggest thing that real estate webmasters do for Liv Real Estate agents is to generate a large number of leads.

“One of the things that sets us apart is the fact that we have very relationship-oriented brokerage services,” says McLennan, who goes on to explain that thanks to real estate webmasters, when someone is looking for something, or, related to real estate in Edmonton, they land on the Liv Real Estate website.

“Agents come up to me all the time and tell me that their clients are using our website, and I don’t regret that,” says Johnston.

While people are never forced to register when visiting a site, they are encouraged to use it as much as they want.

“Even after registration, they are not considered to be presenters, so we do not contact them in any way,” McLennan says. “We are waiting for them to actually request a show or ask a question. This means that instead of our agents looking for registrations, they can simply deal with those who raise their hand and say, “I want to buy a property.”

The customization flexibility offered by real estate webmasters allows the firm to work the way they want – control how the site looks, how leads are generated and distributed, and how information is presented.

“We love what we do,” says Johnston. “We don’t need people who are just looking for sales, but people who want to establish long-term relationships.”

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