Bo Van Pelt: Round 1 of the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic Competition



In his first round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic, Bo Van Pelt hit 12 of 14 fairways and 12 of 18 greens in normal mode, finishing 4 fewer for the tournament. Van Pelt ended the round with a draw in 8th place, 4 back; Brandon Hagee is ranked 1st, 7th junior; Seamus Power and Davis Thompson tied for second with 6 points less; and Matthew Wolf, Satoshi Kodaira, Tom Lewis and Jason Day tied for fourth place from 5 to 5.

On a 489-yard par-4, 12th Van Pelt entered the green for 2nd place and threw a 36-foot putt for birdie. This put Van Pelt 1 less in the round.

After 290 yards on 577 yards par-5 17th, Van Pelt made his third 3-foot throw, which he threw at the bird with one hit to the hole. This moved Van Pelt 2 less in the round.

On a 455-yard par-4, 18th Van Pelt entered the game and missed his par-putt from 4 feet, ending with a three-way scarecrow. This moved Van Pelt 1 less in the round.

In the fourth par-5, Van Pelt made his fourth shot from 34 yards from the green, hitting a bird in the hole. This moved Van Pelt 2 less in the round.

In sixth par-4, 177 yards, Van Pelt prepared himself for the birdie on the way to 10 feet. This moved Van Pelt 3 fewer in the round.

On a 372-yard eighth par-4 hole, Van Pelt made it to the green after 2 and threw a 22-foot putt for the birdie. This moved Van Pelt 4 fewer in the round.


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