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When Netflix’s Shining Empire – best described as a real version Crazy Rich Asians – First aired in January, the reality series became an instant hit and is likely to become a cult classic in the future. Much of this success is due to the runaway fan favorite. Anna Shay, an enigmatic cast who stole every scene with his dry wit and deadpan demeanor. Shay will be back for the upcoming Shining Empire In the second season, but not for a walk, is another star of the show – the billionaire heiress and century-old mansion on Sunset Boulevard of the socialite. This is because the property was sold for $ 13.9 million after The listing was originally listed with an offer of $ 16 million last year.

According to records, the discounted buyer is Daniel Bohbot, a Moroccan-born fashion designer and longtime Beverly Hills resident. The 52-year-old Bohbot also owns a second home, 90210 elsewhere on Sunset Boulevard, a boxy, distinctly modern facility that is architecturally different from Shay’s classic Spanish Renaissance estate like apples are from grilled cheese. There is no information yet on what he plans to do with his new the property holding.

On the Shining EmpireShay’s House served as the setting for several of the show’s most memorable moments, including a grand dinner at which the hostess ostentatiously moved the seating card of her nemesis, nouveau riche socialite Christina Chiu, from the head of the table to the table. at the very end, away from the beloved members of Shay’s squad. (Yes, this is a very 1% lightness.) infamous penis pump incidentThis happened when two of Shay’s curious guests threw a “plumbing fixture” from the bathroom window on the second floor of her house onto the lawn below.

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Built in 1926, the 8,700-square-foot mansion sits on over an acre on a grassy hill above the bustling Sunset Boulevard. It is reported that Shirley Temple lived in the house in the mid-1930s when she was only eight years old; by the 1940s, he became the owner of the famous mobster Tony Milano, whose businesses were based in both Ohio and Los Angeles. Milano owned the property until the late 1950s, hiding his extensive gang activities under the guise of a seemingly legitimate food business.

This character-filled home includes many original details – one-of-a-kind front door, mosaic tiles, intricate hand-painted stencil ceilings, colorful fountains that remain intact. Shay bought the mansion for $ 9.4 million almost exactly ten years ago, back in late 2011, and has long planned to carry out a delicate but comprehensive restoration on the premises. But according to the 60-year-old reality TV star itself, those efforts were thwarted because she couldn’t find a temporary rental mansion to house her six Labrador retrievers. However, she did a few costly upgrades, including commercial grade kitchen appliances, massive new gates, and a high-tech security system. Shay’s only child, son Kenny Kemp, also turned the hotel’s wine cellar into a “weed cellar” that housed his million-dollar collection of bongs.

Shay was born in Tokyo but lived in Los Angeles for a long time. He is the only daughter of the late billionaire industrialist Edward Shay, an American defense contractor often referred to as an arms dealer, and his Japanese wife Ai-san. Per Shai is a paternal descendent of Eastern European Jews, while her mother’s ancestry includes both Japanese merchants and the Russian aristocracy. Edward Shaye died in 1995, 40 years after the founding of the state-owned contracting firm Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE); In 2006, Anna and her brother Allen Shay sold PAE to Lockheed Martin for $ 1.2 billion.

Having unloaded his estate on Sunset Boulevard, Shay – a four-time divorced – shrinks to a secluded Mediterranean-style villa in the mountains above Beverly Hills. She’s cool bought this property from Dr. Phil Jordan McGraw’s son back in 2019 for $ 5 million and has since refurbished and modernized a home with wildly decorated interiors.

Stephen Sigoloff Compass listed; Vangelis Korasidis Coldwell Banker introduced a buyer.

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