Black real estate agent, client in handcuffs at home shows


The realtor pointed to race as a factor in the police response.  (iStock)

The realtor pointed to race as a factor in the police response. (iStock)

A black Michigan real estate agent accuses local police of racial profiling after he, a client, and a client’s son were handcuffed during a demonstration at home.

Eric Brown was at a home in Wyoming, Michigan with client Roy Thorne and Thorne’s 15-year-old son on Sunday when police were spotted outside the house. According to Newsweek, Thorne tried to introduce himself from the window.

The police then reportedly ordered all three to come out with their hands up and handcuffed them. Thorne said the officers kept their weapons ready until the handcuffs were in place.

After Brown explained that he was a real estate agent and provided his credentials, police removed the handcuffs, claiming that a neighbor had reported the burglary.

A burglary at the same address a week earlier led to arrest and trespass charges. A neighbor who called emergency services reportedly said the same suspect had returned.

Turning to local news, Brown pointed to race as a factor in the police response, an accusation that the Wyoming Police Department denied, stating that the handcuffs were department protocol.

“The response rate and the aggressiveness of the response was definitely a comeback, it really set me back,” Brown told the channel. WOOD… “Am I just automatically a criminal? Because in that situation they treated us about the same. “

[Newsweek] – Holden Walter-Warner

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