Black Female Veteran Real Estate Investment Course Strengthens Minority Communities




Jackie Jackson – Real Estate Investment Coach


Jackie Jackson – Real Estate Investment Coach

Central Florida veteran Jackie Jackson has launched a real estate investment course to help minority communities emerge from this global COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning how to make more money with creative real estate cash flow strategies becomes even better when you know you are improving communities with your investments. ”

– Jackie Jackson

Orlando, Florida, USA, July 9, 2021 / – Central Florida Veteran, Jacqueline Jackson from Jackie Jackson™ launched a Real Estate Investment Course to help minority communities and cities across the US as we emerge from this global COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2021. Tax act The 8-week Genius course focuses on multiple public investment strategies. These investment routes are little known to the public, but have a huge impact on communities and basic public services.

Investing in tax acts and liens has been shown to have a positive but disproportionate impact on African Americans and seniors. These groups are particularly affected by housing defaults as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the federal government has instituted a nationwide moratorium to protect property owners from foreclosure on bank mortgages, there is currently no protection against late foreclosure on real estate taxes. As the veil of the global pandemic lifts and federal protections disappear, more homes are predicted to fall into this scenario.

Basically, a tax act or tax lien is a situation that homeowners can face if they don’t pay the taxes levied on their home. When they remain unpaid, local governments have the right to claim reimbursement of the property owed to them by selling the property or selling the pledge certificate, respectively. This program helps local cities and state officials to continue to fulfill their vital service responsibilities. Tax sales are a must, and property taxes pay for a significant portion of the basic public services provided by municipal and county governments. These include emergency services, firefighters and EMTs, police, water and waste services, and government education services. Real estate taxes assessed on real estate make up the bulk of school budgets and local government revenues. On average, they are 85% and 30%, respectively, although the exact percentages vary between states and municipalities.

Through her own Jackson brand, she employs community members to directly support families. In addition, she supports motivational performances in women’s groups by offering workshops, seminars and other hands-on activities. The 8-week online Tax Deed Genius course gives everyone the opportunity to learn at their own pace, no matter where they live. Residential real estate investment analysis methods are applicable to each of the fifty states of the United States, expanding the area of ​​influence throughout the country. The curriculum features proven methods and resources that Jackson herself has recorded and organized around the district to ensure student success.

Jackie Jackson was founded by CEO Jacqueline Jackson. Jackson created the Tax Deed Genius ™ course and is an accomplished real estate investor, coach and mentor. She has twice been awarded the prestigious Army Medal of Honor (ARCOM), a military honor awarded for enduring heroic action or merit. Through military discipline, she provides clients with tools, resources, and step-by-step instructions. make serious life changes through real estate investments. Jackie shares lessons from her 15 years of real estate investing experience in her online courses and shares life lessons in her book You Can Love God and Drive a Bentley.

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