Beware of the new real estate scam that has just hit this Maine city



Hot real estate market

It goes without saying that the property market across the country is still on the rise and there are no signs of a slowdown anytime soon. On the positive side? Some people make money from their BANK property, usually selling at a price well above the asking price and even forgoing additional commissions.

On the back side? For someone looking to buy their first home, especially alone, it is nearly impossible to have a fighting chance of buying anything decent they can afford. On top of this negativity, there is another one that usually rears its ugly head with popular subjects – the likelihood of fraud.

Last weekend, Westbrook police warned citizens on your Facebook page about a brand new real estate fraud they learned about from its victims. In fact, at least in this case, the scam is targeting homes for sale.

Craiglist scam

In this case, the house was fraudulently listed for rent (not for sale) on Craigslist. Homeowners said their realtor contacted them after the realtor answered several calls asking for rent – some of them mentioned that they had already invested in the rent. As soon as a message appeared on Craiglist, it was immediately removed.

Westbrook police have reminded the public never to pay rent for a place unnoticed, as realtors usually host either an open house day for interested parties to see the property, or they plan a private tour individually. The point is, don’t throw money just because you feel like this is the only way to get a chance to rent or buy a new place in the current market – you never know what you are actually investing in.

Westbrook police also said that if you, like the homeowners in this situation, are in fact selling the property, and the same happens to you, do the same as they did – ask for a mail pickup and contact the police …

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