Real Estate Brokerage Expands to Alabama and Michigan



Better also provides mortgage and insurance services through Better Mortgage, Better Cover and Better Settlement Services. According to the company, BRE customers who choose to use Better Mortgage will receive an additional $ 2,000 rebate in credit.

More details: Expands Mortgage Services In Three States

“Eliminating friction and consumer costs is a critical component for our clients in this complex, emotional and costly transaction, arguably the largest financial transaction most of us will make in our lives,” said Vishal Garg, CEO and founder of Better. … “Our goal is to democratize the American dream of home ownership by making it faster, easier and cheaper for everyone, as the status quo is outdated and in dire need of replacement. This is what we hope to achieve by continuing our presence in the United States. ”

In addition, Better Real Estate said it plans to hire 500 hired real estate agents in Alabama, Michigan and other states by November.


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