Betsy DeVos Must Testify About Why She Didn’t Cancel Student Loans



in latest news on student loan cancellationBetsy DeVos has to explain why 160,000 student loan borrowers were rejected due to student loan forgiveness.


Here’s what you need to know – and what does this mean for your student loans

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DeVos, former U.S. Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump, is due to testify in federal court about why so many student loan borrowers have been denied student loan forgiveness… As the first reported from PoliticoJudge William Alsup wrote that “exceptional circumstances” required DeVos to appear for a three-hour interrogation, although both DeVos and the Biden administration opposed the attempt. According to the lawsuit, DeVos was allegedly personally involved in suspending student loan forgiveness for defrauded student loan borrowers for 18 months, and then rejected their loan forgiveness claims with little or no explanation. The judge wrote that he wants to understand the reasons for such actions of DeVos.

Approximately 160,000 student loan borrowers have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the Department of Education mistakenly denied their student loan forgiveness. (The court’s decision was made at a time when borrowers of the federal student loan are expected to Get Forgiven On $ 90 Billion Student Loan until September 30, 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic). Student loan borrowers in this lawsuit seek to cancel the student loan under the protection of the borrower prior to maturity, which allows student loan borrowers to obtain student loan cancellation, for example if they have been defrauded by their school or their school is closed. During her tenure, DeVos and the Department of Education filed several lawsuits for a student loan forgiveness. Among the accusations:

  • 130,000 applications for student loan forgiveness they were denied in DeVos’ last year in office (compared to 9,000 denials in the previous five years);
  • The Department of Education tried to process 5,000 student loan forgiveness applications. in Week;
  • Department of Education reviewers frequently reviewed and decided on the application for student loan cancellation after 12 minutes or less;
  • Reviewers who processed student loan forgiveness applications faster received bonuses, and slower reviewers were fired;
  • 91,000 applications for student loan cancellation were rejected with little or no explanation;
  • 95% of student loan borrowers who applied for student loan cancellation were rejected;
  • Most, if not all, borrowers whose applications were approved received a student loan cancellation just because of previous student loan forgiveness rules from the Obama administration.

DeVos opposes student loan forgiveness

As Secretary for Education, DeVos student loan forgiveness objection for the most part, and also opposed the large-scale cancellation of student loan for student loan borrowers. Why? DeVos said she wanted to find a balance between the needs and interests of both taxpayers and student loan borrowers. DeVos argued that protecting the borrower from the Obama administration’s repayment rules cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Student Loan Forgiveness: DeVos Plan

  • In accordance with her revised rules for protecting the borrower from repayment, DeVos said that she save taxpayers $ 11 billion in 10 years
  • DeVos required student loan borrowers who tried to claim borrower protection to file student loan cancellation (instead of doing it automatically).
  • DeVos also included a three-year statute of limitations for student loan cancellation for borrowers to prove that they have suffered financial damage.


Biden Cancels $ 2.3 Billion Student Loans

President Joe Biden wants cancel student loans in three ways… Biden aggressively canceled student loans, including to protect borrowers from repayment. For example, Biden has canceled at least $ 2.3 billion in student loans since becoming president… (You can find out here if you meet the requirements for cancellation of this student loan). First, Biden canceled $ 1 billion student loans for 72,000 student loan borrowers and, secondly, it canceled another $ 1.3 billion in student loans for 41,000 borrowers with full and permanent disabilities. America reacted to the cancellation of Biden’s student loan differently. However, the $ 1 billion student loan cancellation specifically granted a student loan exemption to student loan borrowers who received partial student loan forgiveness during the Trump administration. Biden canceled the 72,000 student loans in full due to borrower protection to maturity. Biden’s efforts to cancel student loans for certain groups of student loan borrowers are examples of how there can be many changes in student loans in the coming years… However, there is at least 5 Signs Biden Won’t Accept Large-Scale Student Loan Cancellation

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