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Today’s HousingWire Daily continues the final episode of Homes in Motion, hosted by Senior Real Estate Reporter Matthew Blake. In this episode, Blake is joined by Beth Fernandez from Premier Property Group in Portland, Oregon. Fernandez discusses his decision to become a real estate agent, the personality and resources needed to excel in the profession, and the obstacles to moving from New Jersey to Oregon.

The discussion also touched on some common problems in real estate today, including the fact that most agents are women, but men continue to dominate leadership positions.

Here’s a small preview of the interview, which has been slightly edited for clarity:

Matthew Blake: When you entered the profession in 2001, there were more women than men in real estate agents, and this dynamic continues to this day. I would say that during this time women have made some progress in the workforce and have some of the opportunities that men had, but do you see gender dynamics in real estate differently than 20 years ago?

Beth Fernandez: I don’t think that anything has changed in the last 20 years. I don’t think that anything has changed in the last 50 years. I think that when a family should look at their situation and make it work for the children, traditionally yes, this is a woman who should be there.

For me, work didn’t cut from nine to five. I needed to be close to my children.

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