Best Real Estate Agent in 2021: Shana Brown



Brown is a relative newcomer to real estate.

She is just starting her fourth year working for Keller Williams. But she learned to communicate with a home buyer. In 2020, she sold 52 homes for just under $ 19 million.

“The pandemic hasn’t stopped my business,” Brown said. “And actually, I’ve had the best year.”

Brown believes that her 15 years in the service industry – as a waiter, bartender, and later as a local winery manager who coordinated all activities – helped the client well.

“I take great pride in making each client feel like they’re the only one.”

During her short career in real estate, she has earned many awards: Tri-Cities 2018 Newcomer of the Year; Rising Star for Real Estate Producers Magazine in 2018; selected as one of 200 Speakers of Keller Williams’ Agents (worldwide) to speak at the national conference.

Brown also realizes that she still has a lot to learn.

“You will never stop learning,” she said. “I consider myself humble, ready to learn and able to work with my co-realtor. I’m humble enough to say that I have no answer for something if I don’t. “

But she will get one. Brown loves what he does.

“I enjoy providing very valuable services to others,” she said. “Set the bar high and exceeded expectations, leaving all of my clients with exceptional experience and the best possible result.”

1. Shana Brown

Keller Williams

4390 West Van Giesen St., Suite B, West Richland


2. Jared Retter

329 N. Kellogg St., Kennewick


3. Araceli Miranda

830 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick



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