Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home in 2021


Whether you are looking for a home away from home or evaluating the potential return on owning an investment property, there are many factors to consider when buying a vacation home.

Perhaps even more important than the home itself is its location. If you plan to visit your vacation home frequently, it is important to choose a location close to attractions and amenities that your family will enjoy for years to come. And if you plan on earning vacation rental income for all or part of the year, proximity can be even more important as it will play a key role in attracting potential tenants.

This means that, depending on your individual needs and goals, the particular location you choose may be very different from the next person. But overall, where is the best place to buy a vacation home in 2021? To determine this list, we used data from a property management company. Vacasa Report 2020 – which looks at home sales data and vacation rental performance data across the country – and analyzes it along with home value, rent, and growth data from Zillow.

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