Best Insurance Agent of 2021: Scott Smith



Smith has been a state farm agent at his Kennewick office since 2011. And he’s no stranger to the People’s Choice Awards, winning that category back in 2015, 2016, and 2020. And again he is at the top again.

Smith and his team have done an outstanding job of providing first-class service to their customers during the pandemic.

“I think we just broke our asses,” Smith said. “Our clients know we are hardworking and friendly.”

Smith said several clients told him, “I know you are good to your team because they are good to me.”

What gives Smith such a great impression of this year’s award is that he rebuilt his team after receiving this award in 2015-2016, then a key employee left to start his business, took a few more employees with him, and now he built this command back up.

“We had a blitz conference in 2018 and we got a good group of newbies,” Smith said. “We focus on the positive. We have a good office and a good place to work. ”

Smith believes his company, which has six full-time employees and two part-time employees, is doing everything it can to help its clients. “I think everyone in the insurance business cares,” Smith said. “But we really try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. I came from the other side of the table because I am a client of the state farm. ”

The fact that his clients felt strong enough to vote for him in this competition confirms his philosophy and love for the insurance business. “I think I really like the ‘We’re looking for trouble’ part,” Smith said. “These are not ‘problem solvers’ because the problem has already arisen. Rather, we discover the problem before it occurs. ”

1. Scott Smith

State farm

4303 W. 27th Ave, Suite A, Kennewick


2. Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson Insurance

8927 W. Tucannon Ave., Suite 102, Kennewick


3. Kevin Hasted

Advisor Benefits Group / Epic Trust

1305 Fowler St., Suite 1D, Richland



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