Berkshire County Real Estate Deals June 7-11 | The property




James D. and Tanya J. Guerin sold the property at 19 West Road, Adams to James P. Swiner for $ 195,000.

Carrie Burnett sold her property at 313 East Road, Adams, Megan Bantle for $ 212,000.

Stephen Popelarchik, Personal Representative. Jeffrey M. Lefebvre Estate, sold property at 46 East Jordan Street, Adams, to Brianna H. Vandray for $ 175,000.

Lucas D. and Stephanie L. Shatford sold the property at 1 Simon Avenue Adams to Christine A. Engver for $ 237,500.

Eurovia Atlantic Coast LLC sold the property at 173 Howland Ave., Adams, LC Square Holdings LLC for $ 75,000.


Linda J. Carlow sold the property at 20 Henderson Road, Clarksburg, to Ernest C. Perry for $ 17,037.41.


Wayne A. and Jeri L. Galletly sold 127 Ashuelot Street properties to Dalton, Christopher and Beth O’Connor for $ 195,000.

Megan S. Andrews sold 36 Woodside Ave., Dalton, to Heather M. Luciani and Ryan S. Zeiter for $ 240,000.


Peggy Weigl and Peter Weigl, co-successors of the Weigl Family Trust, sold the property at 58 Baldwin Hill Road, Egremont, to Russell W. Becker and Hana P. Becker for $ 855,000.


Randy J. Gobail and Michael Svelnis, Trustee of Michael E. Svelnis NT, sold the 270 River Road, Florida property to Michael Orsini for $ 55,000.

Great barrington

Bard College sold properties at 103 Lake Mansfield Road, Lot 4, Great Barrington to Karl K. Tan and Lily Tan for $ 549,000.

David MacDonald and Nina Echegaray sold properties at 166 Castle Hill Avenue, Great Barrington to J. Judd Shoval and Susan W. Shoval, trustees of the Upper Earth Nominee Trust, for $ 670,000.

Donald Willis Jr. and Priscilla Ann Willis sold the property at 24 Manville St., Great Barrington to William P. Zox and Ginny B. Zox for $ 399,000.

26 Manville LLC sold properties at 21 Manville St., Lots 4, 5 and 6, Great Barrington, Elizabeth A. Balter and Amanda J. Nee for $ 585,000.


Suzanne Rockett sold the property in Rathbun Road, Hancock, to Debra L. Beverly for $ 68,000.


Daniel J. Robins sold the property at 48 Jordan Ave., Hinsdale to Eric T. Carlson for $ 80,000.


Linda M. Shafiroff, Trustee of Blackwater RT, has sold properties at 10 Hynes St., Lenox Marybeth Mitts, Jackie McNinch, Kathleen McNulty Vaughan, Olga Weiss, Frederick Kitora, Julie DiGrigoli and Charlene Rosen, to the Trustees of Lenox. Affordable Housing Trust Fund, $ 279,150.

Linda M. Shafiroff, Trustee of Blackwater RT, sold the property at 11 Hines Street, Lenox, to Maya Baron for $ 155,000.

Trager Realty Advisors LLC sold the property at 82 Old Stockbridge Road, Lenox, Ellen C. Marshall for $ 551,000.


Stephen J. Hillenius and Barbara Vondi Hillenius sold 60 Hupi Woods Circle, Lot 3, Monterey, Melissa Wellett for $ 675,000.

Christopher Tryon sold the property at 3 Chestnut Hill Road, aka 614 Main Road, Monterey, to Maria Villene for $ 570,000.

Linda E. Thorpe sold 427 Main Road, Monterey, to Christopher J. Tryon and Kara M. Hunt for $ 130,000.

North adams

Robert S. Gorgan, individually and as trustee of the Paul Gorgan and Anne Gorgan revocable life fund, sold the property at 39-53 Montana Street, North Adams to CR Rental LLC for $ 860,000.

Nicholas F. Disanti sold the property at 36 D St., North Adams, Joan Barker for $ 118,000.

Alfredo M. Parsons sold properties in Notch Road, North Adams, Neil Sondrini, Kelly and Mark Meehan and Deborah Morandi for $ 30,000.

Ernie’s Auto Sales Inc. sold property at 429 Curran Highway, North Adams, Obilio Rodriques Jr., d / b / a RJ’s Taxi, for $ 120,000.


Janet B. Ansbrough sold the property on Ed Jones Road, Otis, to Esmira Gutic for $ 45,000.

Kenneth P. and Shelley D. Johnson sold properties at 14 Highland Way to Otis, Jeffrey and Deborah Long for $ 245,000.


Clifford J. Holderness and Christine R. Holderness sold properties in Clark Road, Pittsfield, to Kowalczyk Development Corp. for $ 24,000.

Wolfgang and Susan E. Bach sold the property at 175 Second Street, Pittsfield, to Greg M. Alexander Sr. for $ 205,000.

Marcia A. Greenleaf sold Whitney Smith the property at 21 Alexander Terrace, Pittsfield, for $ 310,000.

HUD sold the property at 189 King St., Pittsfield, Ellies Holdings LLC for $ 70,000.

Loal S. Ames sold properties at 25 Willis Street, Pittsfield, Jeremy and Christa Ames for $ 160,000.

Caitlyn R. Kroshier, formerly known as Caitlyn R. Jamula, sold properties at 43 Allendale Road, Pittsfield, Brandon Coppola and James Coppola for $ 240,000.

Carousel Realty Corp. sold property at 495 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, KO Resources LLC for $ 2,580,000.

Jeffrey Grant and Marion Grant, Trustees of Jeffrey and Marion Grant RVT, sold the property at 15 Courtland Place, Pittsfield, Tikki R. Stracuzzi for $ 115,000.

Joseph A. and Maria F. Santos sold the property at 105 Sadler Avenue, Pittsfield, to T&D Rental Properties Inc. for $ 140,000.

Katilynn M. Hoffman sold the property at 63 Egremont Avenue, Pittsfield, to Jack Elliott for $ 200,000.

Judith H. Coughlin, Trustee of Rosemary D. Hall RVT, sold the property at 30 Warwick Street, Pittsfield, to Denise Roszkowski, a trustee of the Denise Roszkowski Trust, for $ 445,000.

Christopher Elmstrom sold properties at 45 Mervin Street, Pittsfield, John J. Lacey and Angela Elsner for $ 60,000.

David H. Morton and Rosemary A. Morton, Trustees of Morton NT, sold the property at 15-17 Boylston Street, Pittsfield, to Voor Fish LLC for $ 127,000.

David S. Yaffe sold the property at 15 Morningview Drive, Pittsfield, to Alexander M. Posch and Arthur F. Posch for $ 246,900.

Nathan J. Sondrini, Nina M. Sondrini and Jason LaForest sold the property at 123-125 Parker Street, Pittsfield, to Margaret Ewing Lloyd for $ 120,000.

Nathan G. Sondrini, Nina M. Sondrini and Jason LaForest sold the property at 119-121 Parker Street, Pittsfield, to Margaret Ewing Lloyd for $ 215,000.

Nathan J. Sondrini, Nina M. Sondrini and Jason LaForest sold 216-218 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, Margaret Ewing Lloyd for $ 177,500.

Glenn J. Grillon sold 86 Broadview Terrace, Pittsfield, to Adam James Hugabone for $ 156,400.

Lucille Norris St. James sold the property at 14-16 Taylor Street, Pittsfield, to Thomas F. Tyning for $ 145,000.

Patricia P. Walker sold 21-23 Edward Avenue, Pittsfield, Carmen Celine Betanses Rodriguez and Kimberlin Del Carmen Fernandez Betanses for $ 210,000.

Joseph A. Sondrini, Diana M. Telladira, formerly known as Diana M. Sondrini, Debra A. Guachione and Peter J. Sondrini, sold the property at 34 Fassa Place, Pittsfield, to Taylor Berry for $ 200,000.

PNC Bank NA and Stephen W. and Sherry W. Pyatt sold the property at 295 Elm Street, Pittsfield, to Ellies Holdings LLC for $ 89,000.

The Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee of the FSB, and Ellen T. Meunier sold the property at 12 State Street, Pittsfield, to the Wilmington Savings Fund Community Trustee of the FSB for $ 101,000.


Lee Merlini sold the property on Stevens Glen Road, Richmond, to John Ghosh for $ 310,000.


Deborah Harris sold properties in 365 Deer Run, Otis Wood Lands, Lot 148, Sandisfield, Andrzej Oledski and Magdalena Maria Oledska for $ 425,000.


Scott M. Symonds and Jane E. Symonds sold property in Canaan Clayton Road, Sheffield, to Monica Zinke for $ 325,000.

David Blanchard sold 704 Hewins St., Sheffield to William Grell and Gary Osborne for $ 756,000.


Terry L. and Judith A. Chamberlain sold the property in Old Tree Farm Road, Stockbridge, to Jeffrey R. Minkler for $ 220,000.


Lawrence P. and Catherine E. Casella sold properties at 316 Johnson Hill Road, Washington, to Andrew Bert and Doreen Lindsay for $ 475,000.

West Stockbridge

Caroline M. Weisberger sold the property at 43-45 Albany Road, West Stockbridge, to 43 Albany Road, LLC for $ 400,000.

Sling LLC sold the property at 286 Great Barrington Road, West Stockbridge to Heirloom Lodge LLC for $ 800,000.


Kenneth B. and Diane L. McElpine sold their property at 942 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Donald W. Goodrich for $ 238,000.

Ronald S., Timothy D. Goss and Kathleen A. Wall sold properties at 7 Sycamore Drive, Williamstown, Matthew J. & Janette N. Smith for $ 299,900.

Moresi Commercial Investments LLC sold the property at 159 Water St., Williamstown to Michael A. and Lynn M. Soldato for $ 200,000.

Diana J. Daniels sold her property at 17 May St., Williamstown, Theodore S.T. Sullivan for $ 340,000.

FT – Family Trust

LLC – Limited Liability Partnership

LT – Life Trust

NT – Nominee Trust

RET – Real Estate Trust

RT – Realty Trust

RVT – Revocable Trust

Real estate transactions are handled by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Transaction Registry Offices.


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