Berkshire County Real Estate Deals June 21-25 | The property




Russell F. and Pamela S. Duvall sold the property at 21 Richmond Street to Adams, Richard M. and Janet T. Barlow for $ 195,500.50.

Bruce J. Ronan sold the property at 1-12 Winter Street, Adams, to Thomas K. Abate for $ 335,000.


Jeanne P. Litke, individually and as a personal representative. John R. Leitke Estate, sold property at 38 Black Arrow Way, Becket to Kimberly Ann Logan for $ 290,000.


Francis K. Piecos sold properties in Richmond Hill Road, Cheshire, to Robert M. and Haley A. Pecor for $ 38,000.

Mark J. & Tina M. Lancia sold the property at 168 Church Street, Cheshire, to Tyler Lancia for $ 190,000.


Daniel Mack sold the property at 31 Edgemere Road, Dalton to Christine Ahern for $ 188,000.

Curtis R. and Heather K. Allen sold their property at 59 Orchard Road, Dalton, to Richard J. Deros for $ 330,000.

Florence E., Thomas M., Philip J. Jr. And James F. Lennon, Tracy L. Richard and Mary Beth Carro sold the 92 Central Avenue properties to Dalton, Michael and Christine Greff for $ 100,000.

John J. and Judith N. Stoklos sold properties at 68 Falls Brook Terrace, Dalton, to Todd K. Berner for $ 705,000.

Great barrington

Wendy A. Scott sold the property at 27 Kirk Street, Great Barrington, Douglas R. Brown and Lindsay E. Berkowitz for $ 320,000.

Pamela M. Dupuis and Amy Katz sold the property at 8 Locust St., Great Barrington to Catherine Wallick for $ 381,500.

Kimberly Ann Logan sold Mary Plummer’s 7 Cone Ave., Unit C, Five Oaks Condominium, Great Barrington, for $ 250,200.

John Corcoran and Sue Corcoran sold the property at 14 Lake Ave., Lot 2, Great Barrington, Kathleen M. Kelly for $ 782,500.

Joseph E. Schwartz and Joanna E. Schwartz, trustees of 12 Copper Beech Lane Realty Trust, sold the property at 12 Copper Beech Lane, Unit 3, Country Village Condominium, Building B, Great Barrington, Linde S. Hensel for $ 610,000.

Edward Brown, individually and as a personal representative. Rochelle Brown Estate, sold at 16 Butternut Drive, Great Barrington, Abiodun Tobun for $ 80,000.

Frederick D. McCandless Jr. sold properties in Alford Road, Great Barrington, Matthew Skripak and Alissa Eisler for $ 150,000.

William R. Swats sold 23 Lake Buel Road, Great Barrington to Patricia Elena Azza and Jorge Azza for $ 385,000.


Keith M. Olson sold 73 Lebanon Mountain Road, Hancock, to Karl M. Olson for $ 90,000.


Francis Zurrin, Individual and Personal Representative. Edwin Joseph Hoynowski Estate, sold property at 18 Gulf Road, Lanesborough, to Anthony B. Hoynowski for $ 109,000.


Janet Mann sold the property at 81 Chanterwood Road to Lee Harold and Elizabeth Koenigsberg for $ 620,000.

Bradley J. and Mayomi Lee Devos sold their properties at 300 Mandalay Road to Lee, Michael and Deborah Singer for $ 394,000.

Andrew J. and Melissa E. Minkler sold their property at 25 Cone Ave., Lee, to Sandra Patricia Arias-Torres for $ 282,000.

Ryan K. and Edna Maria dos Santos McDowell sold their property at 290 East Center St., Lee, Ashley Alter, for $ 350,000.

Richard D. and David B. Stratton, personal representatives. Marita Estate Jacqueline Dick Stratton, sold 2 Park St., Lee to Albert A. Bravo, 2 Park Street NT Trustee, for $ 558,000.


Walton Wilson and Barbara S. Sims sold the property at 501 Walker Street, Lenox, to Henry Fulford for $ 499,000.

Stephen A. Marceau sold properties at 14 Tucker Street, Lenox, Nina Vishengrad and Keith W. Langsdale for $ 329,900.

New Marlborough

Sage Radachowski sold the property at 234 New Marlborough South Sandisfield Road, New Marlborough, to Donald R. Torrico and Jane E. Whittaker for $ 30,000.

Sarah T. Robinson, Margot T. Walker and Francis S. Thayer, aka Francis W. Thayer, Jr., sold properties in Old North Road, New Marlborough, William F. Nolan and Chisako Nolan for $ 81,000.

North adams

Tallage Lincoln LLC sold the property at 136 Veazie St., North Adams to Future Lifestyle Investments LLC for $ 50,000.

The City of North Adams sold properties at 30 Dover St., North Adams, Estevan and Raymond Velez for $ 22,000.

The City of North Adams sold the property in Montgomery Street, North Adams, to Graham Paul Martin Steele for $ 1,000.

The City of North Adams sold property in Meadow Street, North Adams, to Obilio Rodriguez Jr. for $ 2,000.

Susan Suharzewski, Janice Buck, Lynn Perotti and Marie Allard sold the property at 409 Walker St., North Adams to Adam S. and Allison L. Galambos for $ 210,000.


Keith and Roslyn Rossein sold Algeri Road properties to Otis, Jennifer Avellino and Zachary T. Levin for $ 35,000.

Harley J. Dulude, Jr. and Valerie C. Dulude, Trustees of Harley & Valerie Dulude RT, sold properties at 317 Pine Road, Otis, to Richard A. Plasse Jr. and Carrie Sue Plasse for $ 989,000.

Lucille A. Tillotson, trustee of the Lucille A. Tillotson Trust Deed, sold the property on Route 8, Otis, to Françoise McCoy for $ 79,000.

Winfield and Phyllis Shook sold the Fern Drive, Otis, Elaine M. Hunter property for $ 1,200.

Richard and Marie Ricard sold the Laurel Drive, Otis property to Daniel R. Hunter for $ 1,200.


Jean M. Fitzsimmons sold the property at 629 West St., Pittsfield to Don Sedberry for $ 280,000.

Brent M. Boos sold the property at 95 Ridgway Avenue, Pittsfield, to Robert Tarion for $ 207,900.

Timothy S. Koch sold properties at 50 Marlborough Drive, Pittsfield, Paul and Lindsay Ketchum for $ 288,750.

Michael S. Finneran sold properties at 31 Austin Ave., Pittsfield, Brian W. Beckett and Lauren M. Russo for $ 266,000.

Ernest Weider sold the property at 127 Wahconah St., Pittsfield to Jacob Swiner for $ 20,000.

John E. Peruss, Jr. sold the Elmview Terrace, Pittsfield property to Thomas J. and Amanda Lee Martin for $ 6,000.

James J. Deemis, RT nominee’s trustees, 36 Highland Avenue, sold properties at 36 Highland Ave., Pittsfield, Daniel R. Lozier and Jennifer M. Spagnolo for $ 180,000.

Joseph F. and Janet W. Buffis sold properties at 131 Elaine Drive, Pittsfield, Paul W. and Diana K. Dalton for $ 539,000.

Michael Merriam sold the property at 34 Leona Drive, Pittsfield, to Joseph F. and Janet W. Buffis for $ 325,000.

Kriti LLC sold the property at 9-31 South Atlantic Ave., Pittsfield, South Atlantic LLC for $ 886,000.

Michelle A. Krueger and Judith M. Tierney sold the property at 117 Seymour Street, Pittsfield, to MKR 42 LLC for $ 167,500.

Joel Miller sold the property at 164 Melbourne Road, Pittsfield to Robert Maltempo for $ 109,900.

Louis A. and Joy K. Bones sold their property at 1315 East Street, Pittsfield, to Hibrid LLC for $ 350,000.

Michael and Diane J. Foucher sold the property at 133 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, Gail S. Belmouth for $ 430,000.

Christopher T. Wall and Kelsey R. Bane sold properties at 57 Emerson Avenue, Pittsfield, Joseph P. Xamountree and Laura J. Evans for $ 275,000.

Hope E. Sullivan sold the property at 71 Maplewood Avenue, Pittsfield, Daniel Fedullo and Victoria Fiorini for $ 150,000.

Nicholas J. & Kelly A. Mears sold 363 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Timothy J. O’Brien for $ 256,000.

Daniel J. Martin and Nikki L. Martin, formerly Nikki L. Stone, sold properties at 25 Dodge Avenue, Pittsfield, Joshua and Annamari Yerkes for $ 355,000.

Patricia A. Nally sold Crystal Bartley’s property at 22 South Atlantic Ave., Pittsfield, for $ 75,000.

Monica A. McCauley sold the property at 133 Pine Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Lucienne Costa Pereira for $ 267,500.


Boys and Girls Club of Pittsfield Inc. sold the property in Walnut Street, Richmond, to Elias A. Heidar for $ 35,000.

Andrew M. and Barbara S. Hochberg sold properties at 271 View Drive, Richmond, to Joel F. and Tore F. Huntington for $ 605,000.


Penelope Bloodworth, Personal Representative. from the estate of Pamela M. Bloodworth, aka Pamela Murray Bloodworth, aka Pamela Bloodworth, sold the property at 1151 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, Carol Wax and Jerry Eugene Clements for $ 430,000.


Gerald M. and Carol T. Goldberg sold the property at 2 Brookside Lane, Stockbridge, to Audrey E. Prashker, trustee of the Audrey E. Prashker Revocable Trust, for $ 1,215,000.


Raymond L. and Karen S. Goldstein sold properties at 27 Thistle Path, Williamstown, Judith A. Locke and David L. Chenyle for $ 329,000.

Catherine B. Myers and Gerard J. Smith, individually and as trustees of Brownie and Blue NT, sold properties at 315 White Oaks Road, Williamstown to William K. and Sophie E. Jennen for $ 738,000.

Robert K. and Louise A. Anderson, Trustees of RVT Robert K. Anderson and Louise A. Anderson, sold the property at 537 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, Gabriel and Kristen Kelly Perez for $ 517,500.

FT – Family Trust

LLC – Limited Liability Partnership

LT – Life Trust

NT – Nominee Trust

RET – Real Estate Trust

RT – Realty Trust

RVT – Revocable Trust

Real estate transactions are handled by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Transaction Registry Offices.


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