Berkshire County Real Estate Deals July 5-19 | Real estate




Cassidy A. Thorne sold 86 North Summer Street, Adams, Jacqueline C. Polinis for $ 232,000.

Donald E. Saunders, Jr. sold properties at 134 Commercial St., Adams, Tamika Wells and Richard Valois for $ 155,000.

Ann L. Conroy sold the property at 40 Notch Road, Adams to Carol J. Ruggles and Gary F. Merkle for $ 235,000.


Douglas Jager sold the property at 33 Beach Road, Becket, to Brian E. Schulteis for $ 184,900.

Jarrett Lenette sold the property at 323 Wells Road, Becket to John Stewart Haggart for $ 50,000.

JP Builders Inc. sold the property at 4 Skyline Ridge Road, Becket, to Sarah Orozco and Christopher Joliker for $ 19,500.

Harry and Joanne Chesanek sold properties in Long Bow Lane, Beckett, Jennifer Hansen for $ 10,000.


Cindy Ann Hyda and Gary Sumner sold the property at 108 Dean Street, Cheshire, to Edward S. Pezza III for $ 230,000.

Carol S. Pearl sold the property at 764-810 Wells Road, Cheshire, to Craig M. Kahn for $ 200,000.


Kyle J. & Brittany M. Hailbrown sold properties at 135-137 High Street, Dalton, Robert P. Christman I and Jill E. Sayers for $ 263,000.

Amy E. Zabian, formerly known as Amy E. Dunham, sold the property at 92 Bruce Drive, Dalton, Timothy B. and Margaret G. O’Connor for $ 370,000.


Adam Hersh and Jennifer Hersh sold properties at 50 Shun Toll Road, Egremont, Daniel Brenner and Heather Thompson-Brenner for $ 1,900,000.

Michael R. Gilmore and Sandra G. Gilmore sold the property at 124 Egremont Plain Road, Egremont, to Stephen Feingold for $ 875,000.

Great barrington

Beatrice Kudler, Trustee of Dr. Howard N. Kudler & Beatrice Kudler Revocable Living Trust, sold properties at 16 Burning Tree Road, Block 12, Barrington Brook Cottages, Great Barrington, Athena Dratelis for $ 820,000.

Christina Bar sold properties at 6 Emily Court, Unit A-25, Blue Hill Commons Condominium West, Great Barrington, Kashmir Madhuvala and Krunal Madhuvala for $ 184,000.

Educational Consultants Inc., also known as Educational Consultants, sold the property at 389 Main St., Great Barrington to Hunt Slonem for $ 3,250,000.


Moose Creek Holdings Inc. sold properties in Corey Road, Hancock, Robert P. Ziomek and Annette Maass Ziomek for $ 71,500.


John M. and Rachel Kesey sold properties at 15 Goodell Road, Lanesborough to Michael S. Patten and Emily A. Gamble for $ 315,100.

King R. and Charis M. Keeler sold the property at 65 Old Ore Bed Road, Lanesborough, to Robert A. Kend for $ 497,500.


Mark and Ellen Friedman sold the property at 770 Summer St., Unit 1-D, Lee to George S. Bane and Margaret B. Huoppy for $ 497,500.


Christy Billetter, Personal Representative. from the estate of Richard A. Billetter and Ruth M. and Matthew Billetter, co-owners. Ruth M. Billetter Estate, sold West 42 St. Lenox estate to David S. and Sandra L. Belda, trustees of the David K. and Sandra L. Beld Trust, 2004, $ 589,000.


John M. Miller sold the property at 15 Lake Avenue in Monterey to Gillian Elizabeth Wells and Howard Swanson for $ 256,500.

New Marlborough

John S. Ambos and Janet E. Wolf sold properties at 55 Pine Road, New Marlborough, Yugo Yamaguchi and Lindsay Beth Yamaguchi for $ 317,000.

North adams

Guy R. Kariddi sold 676 Curran Highway, North Adams to TAN Realty Inc. for $ 500,000.

Paul J. Hopkins sold 98 Brooklyn St., North Adams to Ryan J. & Jacqueline M. Fraser for $ 143,000.

The City of North Adams sold the Brooklyn Street, North Adams property to Michael A. Goodson for $ 3,000.

The City of North Adams sold its Reed Street, North Adams property to Big Dream Partners LLC for $ 5,000.

The City of North Adams sold real estate in East Quincy Street, North Adams, to Jeanne O’Neill for $ 21,000.

David J. & Melissa E. Richards sold the property at 95 Fernays Street, North Adams, Eiseline Fulton for $ 189,000.

Susan J. Perry sold the property at 33 Forest St., North Adams to Ari Menashe for $ 117,500.


Timothy E. O’Mara sold the property on Dimmock Road, Otis, to Frank J. Scago IIII for $ 40,000.


Ellies Holdings LLC sold the property at 1230 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, Chelsea Lynn Gankarts for $ 180,000.

Lois L., Jamie Williamson, and William M. Marley Jr. sold properties at 83 Mountain View Drive, Pittsfield, to Daniel J. and Nikki L. Martin for $ 385,000.

Arthur A. Arena, Personal Representative. Josephine E. Arena Estate, sold property at 32 Marian Ave., Pittsfield, Trinity Ventures LLC, for $ 75,000.

Carol Lew High Street LLC sold properties at 130-132 High St., Pittsfield to Janie R. and Allan F. Bates for $ 181,750.

EcoTechnology Inc., formerly known as the Environmental Technology Center, sold the property at 112 Elm St., Pittsfield, Christ Church New Milford, Connecticut, Inc., for $ 231,999.

Donna M. Casala, Sue A. Ramsdell and Karen M. Nicholson sold their property at 326 Cheshire Road, Pittsfield, Caitlin Elizabeth Delasco for $ 225,000.

Bruce Collingwood sold the property in Jones Avenue and Stearns Avenue, Pittsfield, to Four Towers LLC for $ 84,000.

Yi Zheng sold properties at 68 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, Alberto Taveras and Blary Sanchez for $ 123,000.

The US Bank NA Trustee sold the property at 1450 North St., Unit 208, Pittsfield, Mari and Kiyoshi Inoue for $ 185,000.

May Brook Development Corp. sold properties in Lillibrook Road, Pittsfield, Tamara and Christian Whitney for $ 160,000.

Nancy G. Daily, Trustee of Harry G. Methven RVT, sold properties at 125 Northumberland Road, Pittsfield, Cynthia Cardeli and Jesse Lunt for $ 309,000.

Jeffrey H. Rose sold the property at 439 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael J. Zamboni for $ 60,000.

TD Bank NA and John P. Wynot sold the property at 68 Dartmouth Street, Pittsfield, to Ellies Holdings LLC for $ 67,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union and Nancy A. and Jean E. Hyatt sold the property at 2312 State Road, Richmond to Ellies Holdings LLC for $ 35,000.


John Schmulski sold the property at 185 Hulett Hill Road, Lot 1B, Sheffield, to Roger Tilles for $ 460,000.

RKB Properties LLC sold properties in 21 Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, to MBR-Holdings-Sheffield LLC for $ 600,000.

Juliet A. Long sold the property at 91 Old Joe Road, Sheffield, Gail Rubin and Terry F. Godlove, Jr. for $ 820,000.

Glenn R. Murray sold the property at 1134 Brush Hill Road, Sheffield, to Michael Baron and Shilpe Reddy for $ 255,000.


Lawrence J. and Mary E. Kowalczyk sold their Flintston Road, Windsor property to Jay Hootlin for $ 28,000.


Albert P. Nacklerio and Anne W. Grazing sold the property at 70 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, Deborah Paige Holmes for $ 177,000.

Christina W. and Lawrence M. Sanborn II sold properties at 560 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, Timothy S. and Amy M. Koch for $ 595,000.

Gail L. Roy and Dana B. Van Slike sold properties at 37 Hamel Ave., Williamstown to Brian K. Dempsey Jr. and Megan E. Randall for $ 255,000.

Craig A. Pedersini and Deborah J. Niles, personal representatives. Roger L. Pedercini Estate, sold property at 27 Bridges Road, Williamstown, Destiny King for $ 230,000.

FT – Family Trust

LLC – Limited Liability Partnership

LT – Life Trust

NT – Nominee Trust

RET – Real Estate Trust

RT – Realty Trust

RVT – Revocable Trust

Real estate transactions are handled by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Transaction Registry Offices.


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