Berkshire County Real Estate Deals August 16-20 | Real estate




Michael and Cassandra Cale sold 21 Morningside Ave., Adams, Richard B. and Caitlyn E. Gillotti for $ 220,000.

Michael J. and Jane G. Ripps sold properties on East Mountain Road, Adams, Catherine Reed, Brian W., William Thomas and Joy Z. Kelly for $ 40,000.


H2 Holdings LLC sold properties at 87 White’s Hill Road, Alford and 0 White’s Hill Road, Egremont, Mark W. Batten and Margaret Relman Batten for $ 879,000.


Philip Kaplan sold property on Yokum Pond Road, Beckett, Helen Sterling for $ 50,000.

Helen Sterling sold property on Yokum Pond Road, Beckett, Nancy Blorian for $ 800,000.

Jeanette Leamer, Trustee of the Revocable Trust Deed, sold properties in Moberg Road, Beckett, Leon West Hausend Jr. and Donna M. Howsend for $ 19,000.


Zachary R. Levesque, Personal Representative. Clarence Levesque Estate, sold properties at 108 Depo Street, Cheshire, Jose F. Gonçalves and Vincent Leide for $ 72,507.

Anthony Morris and Margaret Ann Heathert sold properties at 1096 South State Road, Cheshire, to Maura J. and William W. Wilder Jr. for $ 177,500.


Susan E. Holland sold the property at 25 Glennon Ave., Dalton, Jill M. Taylor for $ 225,000.


Heidi L. and James R. Miller Jr. sold properties at 52 Mohawk Trail, Florida, Devon Rill-Spencer and Nancy Ann Rill for $ 80,000.

Great barrington

Todd Beckett McGinley and Suzanne Funt Freeman, Trustees of Susanne Funt Freeman’s revocable trust on December 16, 2009, sold the property at 365 State Road, Lots 1 & 2, Great Barrington, to Jeffrey N. Cohen for $ 839,000.

Gail Natoli sold properties at 24 Seaconk Cross Road, Great Barrington, Shea M. Kelly and Tarek Assali for $ 1,253,000.

Jeffrey N. Cohen sold 365 State Road, Lot 1, Great Barrington to Michael S. Padovano and Stephanie Rubins for $ 749,000.

Judith A. Haywood, formerly known as Judith A. Cuevas, sold the property at 11 Manville Street to Great Barrington, Rebecca McGregor and Maxwell Weary for $ 422,000.

Richard A. Stenberg sold the property at 238 North Plain Road, Great Barrington to Matthew Strauss for $ 757,500.

Joan Weinstein sold the property at 10 Forest Row, Great Barrington to Robin Ziemer for $ 425,000.


Anthony D. Capobianco sold the property on Corey Road, Hancock, to James E. Grady for $ 135,000.

Sharon B. Carini sold 37 Corey Road to Hancock, Richard Lyman and Sandra P. Adams for $ 300,000.


William D. Dufour, Jr. sold the property at 479 Peru Road, Hinsdale, Mitchell and Kara McKnight for $ 1,350,000.


Shire Enterprises LLC sold the property at 24 Glassworks Road, Lanesborough, Samantha Morin for $ 195,000.

The City of Lanesborough sold properties at 745 North Main St., Lanesborough to Daniel Bochnik and Zachary Zenck for $ 70,000.

The City of Lanesboro sold the Putnam Road, Lanesboro property to Aaron M. Williams for $ 2,500.

The City of Lanesborough sold properties at 10 National St., Lanesborough to Jacqueline Gero and Michael Russo for $ 47,500.

Sean M. and Carrie L. Kennedy sold to Ewen Foo a property at 217 Bailey Road, Lanesborough, for $ 530,000.


Justin W. and Sarah B. Aubert sold property at 695 Fairview St., Lee to Jennifer Guerin for $ 385,000.

Wendy and Keith Gordon and David Talbert sold 880 East St., Unit 500E, Lee to Robin Severino Ruttner and Howard Paul Ruttner for $ 352,500.


John H. Martineau sold properties at 175 New Lenox Road to Lenox, Laurie and Paul Wilord for $ 440,000.

H. Clifford Rudisill II, Trustee of the Rudisill Maintenance Trust, and Ray E. Wilson sold properties at 6 Meadow Lane, Unit 8, Lenox, to Robert L. Daley and Elizabeth Brown-Daley for $ 240,000.

Shanlen Realty Corp. sold the property at 90 Main Street, Lenox, to Chucky’s LLC for $ 300,000.

New Marlborough

David Madow and Patricia L. Salzmann Madow sold properties on Highway 57, Lot 1, New Marlborough, to Michael Taylor and Andrea Taylor for $ 108,000.

Crockett B. McGarrity and Virginia E. McGarrity sold properties at Peter Menaker Road, Lot 9, New Marlborough, to Richard Drucker and Hilary Drucker for $ 134,150.

North adams

Jeffrey R. Blue sold the property at 64 Notch Road, North Adams to Peter D. and Raluk M. Vandergrift for $ 182,500.

Dustin J. & Jennifer L. Kline sold properties at 26 Hodges Cross Road, North Adams, Heather McCarthy for $ 244,900.


Dennis L. and Joyce S. Michaud sold properties in West Center Road, Otis, to Alex Ravitz for $ 32,000.

Barbara A. Ferranti sold the property at 1689 East Otis Road, Otis, Debbie E. Rock and Georgianne D. Rock for $ 91,000.


David A. Chambers sold the property at 11 Pacific St., Pittsfield to Theodore A. Kozlowski for $ 116,000.

Chad M. and Kennedy H. Rymer sold properties at 600 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, Marites Rebola Wilbur for $ 293,000.

Kowalczyk Development Corp. sold properties at 20 Aspen Way, Unit 39, Pittsfield, to Craig M. Nisnewitz and Cheryl Janus for $ 545,000.

Faye K. Harris, also known as Faye K. Bailey, sold properties at 61 Ridge Avenue, Pittsfield, L. Ronald and Kelly A. Guidi for $ 250,000.

Anthony R. Ptuck, Jr. sold the property at 63 South Onota Street, Pittsfield, to Wayne M. Levesque for $ 135,000.

Deborah Cooney and Daniel Norton, trustees of the Norton Family NT, sold properties in West Houseatonic Street, Pittsfield, Frederick W. and Bobby Lee Kickery for $ 100,000.

Anna Sokolovski, formerly known as Anna Kornietz, sold the property at 152 Maple Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Russell and Rebecca Recker for $ 240,000.

Scott Oslib, Megan Dorsey and Joan Oslib sold properties at 142 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, Simeon and Natania Bittman for $ 400,000.

Calvin Santos sold the property at 61 Orchard Street, Pittsfield, to Pittsfield Properties Group LLC for $ 75,000.

Thomas F. Flynn III and Donna M. Flynn, trustees of Donna M. Flynn NT, sold properties at 44 Dorchester Avenue, Pittsfield, Matthew R. and Virginia J. Davis for $ 282,500.

Sean Maskino sold his property at 341 Tamarack Avenue, Pittsfield, to Tamarack Properties LLC for $ 260,000.

David J. Lipinski sold the Churchill Street and Cascade Street properties in Pittsfield to Ludlow Berkeley IV for $ 93,000.

Michael J. Williams sold the property at 1 Eastbrook Lane, Pittsfield, to Jay R. and Pamela R. Green for $ 730,000.

Joseph T. DelGallo, Jr. and Sandra J. DelGallo sold properties at 632 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Barbara W. and John J. Ross for $ 339,900.

Anthony and Josephine Penna sold properties at 54 Donna Avenue, Pittsfield, Michael T. DelGallo and Daniel J. DelGallo for $ 350,000.

Mitchell and Kara McKnight sold properties at 63 Blywood Drive, Pittsfield, Michael J. Williams and Tara A. Marotta for $ 1,250,000.

Michael Raimo, Personal Representative. Maureen M. Stanton Estate, sold 50 Churchill Crest, Pittsfield, Susan A. Fertig, Trustee of Susan A. Halpert 2013 RVT, for $ 237,400.


Richard D. Knight sold the property at 983 State Road, Richmond to Thomas and Elizabeth Sherman for $ 353,000.


Jeremiah J. Cronin and Carrie M. Barnum sold properties at 52 Cedar Street, Sheffield, Gail Silveira and Sidney Silveira for $ 200,000.

Babette Silver sold the property at 1076 County Road, Lot 2, Sheffield, Edward A. Israelou and Arlene L. Gardner for $ 750,000.

Edward A. Delmolino III sold the property at 1106-1112 Sheffield-Egremont Road, Sheffield, to Christopher M. McNeill and Caitlin Marsden McNeill for $ 885,000.


Joseph J. and Deborah Fein Berger sold properties at 23 Beachwood Drive, Stockbridge, to Gabriel and Chelsea Sapir for $ 500,000.


Williams College President and Trustees sold properties at 540 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, Temesgen A. Araya and Denise Diaz-Araya for $ 551,800.

Jarrett S. and Jennifer L. Bayliss sold properties at 41 Front St., Williamstown to Peter Charles and Jennifer Rebecca Massing Harris for $ 615,000.

FT – Family Trust

LLC – Limited Liability Partnership

LT – Life Trust

NT – Nominee Trust

RET – Real Estate Trust

RT – Realty Trust

RVT – Revocable Trust

Real estate transactions are handled by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Transaction Registry Offices.


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