Berkeley real estate is a leader in the most popular markets in the country



BERKELEY, California – The recently released ranking of the nation’s most popular real estate markets shows what potential home buyers in Berkeley already know.

East Bay tops the list, according to a report from one of the nation’s leading real estate sites in markets where real estate is selling at the highest percentage above listed.

The average listing price of homes in Berkeley is $ 1.2 million and they sale 19 percent higher than the listing price, Reported by

According to, a real estate insider attributes the high asking prices to agents charging properties below market prices to create a bidding war.

This tactic seems to be paying off.

“This is a pricing strategy that encourages as many buyers as possible to compete for the home,” Aman Daro, CEO of Red Oak Realty, told the classifieds site.

“This is how this world works in the interior of East Bay. [Buyers should] plan to spend 20 to 30 percent on top of the request. “


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