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Happy Sunday! I’m Marie McCain, one of the Press Democrat local news editors.

We know you do a lot over the weekend and time can be expensive. So, to keep things simple, we’ve compiled a list of stories you want to read this weekend.

They are here:

Grand Citizens’ Jury Questioning High Rates of Phone Calls from Sonoma County Jail: A civil investigation by a Sonoma County grand jury found that the price the sheriff’s office charges for calls from jail, where prisoners are often awaiting trial and have not been convicted of any crime, far exceeds the prices in state and federal prisons.

The report, which one Sonoma County inspector called “shocking,” was released last month and calls on inspectors and the sheriff’s office to reform a system that charges inmates more than 20 cents a minute for calls.

According to the musicians, they were attacked at the Penngrove tavern: Three local musicians, who say they were attacked in an unprovoked attack outside the Penngrove bar where they played music on July 15, also say that the only employee working at the tavern sided with their attackers.

The alleged attack sparked outrage on social media and prompted Twin Oaks Roadhouse, owned by HopMonk Taverns, to issue a public statement.

Delta Option Leads to Rapid Rise in Hospital Admissions in Sonoma County: The highly contagious and more transmissible delta variant – the most common COVID-19 strain in the United States – is spreading rapidly throughout the county, mostly among unvaccinated residents.

More than 45 new infections are reported every day, and the average number of patients in hospitals with COVID-19 in the district has increased to 42 after the July 4th holiday weekend. The county surpassed 1,000 active cases on Friday, the first since March, when only about a quarter of residents aged 16 and over were fully vaccinated, according to the COVID-19 data portal.

As Hostages: Survivors of Tubbs’ Fire Fight Their Santa Rosa Contractor: The Gillazians were among more than a dozen families and homeowners, disgruntled clients of American Pacific Builders, who met in Coffey Park on June 22 to compare notes, discuss strategies, and share stories about a contractor – such as a customer who was so frustrated. due to her inability to get a phone call back, she went to the company’s office where APB called the police to pick her up.

Since then, The Press Democrat has spoken to 14 disgruntled APB clients. Most – unlike the Ghigliazzas – have moved into their homes. Their task now, they say, is to convince the builder to complete the job, tackle the checklists and warranties, which in many cases take more than 12 months, although APB is contractually obligated to take care of this within a year. …

Sonoma County’s Booming Housing Market Set Another Average Price Record: The median sale price of a single-family home in Sonoma County hit a record $ 825,000 in June, reflecting the ongoing housing frenzy caused by the pandemic that has exacerbated the affordability of middle-class families seeking home ownership.

Residential sales are driven by a sharp increase in the number of homes sold in the highest price ranges, with outside buyers paying cash in many cases, according to Rick Laws, regional vice president of real estate brokerage Compass in Santa Rosa. prepares monthly county housing reports.

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