BBVA social bonds issued in 2020 have helped over 15,100 businesses with ICO loans in Spain.



At the end of December 2020 The total eligible social portfolio of BBVA was € 2,268 million.… Sixty percent of identified loans were disbursed in 2020 and 21 percent in 2019. Last year BBVA carried out first social bond issue on COVID-19 by a financial institution in Europein the amount of 1 billion euros, and carried out a social private placement for 40 million euros. Most of the social portfolio is related to financing for SMEs (55 percent), health care (21 percent) and social inclusion (19 percent). The rest is divided between affordable housing, education, economic integration and other social projects.

The proceeds from the issues of social bonds in the amount of EUR 1,040 million were mainly used for finance micro and small companies with ICO-guaranteed loans, which were used by up to 15,175 companies. and a total of 207,628 employees. This € 1,040 million is part of the nearly € 20 billion of guaranteed ICO funding that BBVA managed until May 31st. For social and territorial reasons, 83 percent of the total was allocated to companies that were severely or significantly affected. due to COVID-19. Likewise, 69 percent went to companies located in areas with high potential social impact.

Strong growth in a suitable green finance portfolio

In terms of green bonds, as of December 2020 the total green portfolio of the BBVA Group amounted to € 4,009 million., up 44 percent from the end of 2019 and 268 percent more from the end of 2018. 40 percent of the portfolio is for financing renewable energy projects, 26 percent for sustainable transport, 21 percent for energy efficiency and the rest. to waste management (11 percent) and water management (2 percent).

Out of this total eligible portfolio, € 3,063 million has been financed, which avoided the emission of 2,306,475 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere since 2018., which is equivalent to the annual emission of 912,877 cars. Likewise, 19,105,070 cubic meters of water was treated, equivalent to the annual water consumption of 393,554 Spaniards, and the volume of waste was 642,342 tons, equivalent to the annual waste generated by more than 1.3 million Spaniards.

77 percent of identified green loans were disbursed in the past two years; 72 percent of the volume is funded transactions, and the remainder is transactions that have experienced some change. Geographically, the majority of green financing came from Spain (60 percent), France (10 percent), the United Kingdom and Ireland (8 percent), Australia (7 percent) and Italy (6 percent).

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